Fall in Miami, means Spring. It rains a lot. I can’t wear the boots or coats or scarves because it is still hot and humid. This is my version of fall. Darker coolers but with cooler articles of clothing. This outfit is one of my favorite so far because I only paid,drum roll please….. $18.00Continue reading “THIS IS FALL IN MIAMI”

Thigh-High Boots

Hello Loves! I am wearing my favorite pair of boots today! I just love these boots and I always get excited when I get to wear them. They are extremely warm so they are best suited for those very chilly days. I’ll be the first to admit that I should have worn them on anotherContinue reading “Thigh-High Boots”

Put More Sparkle In Your Step

Hello Loves! Yes, more sparkle for me. Actually, I think I might be running out of sparkle ( if that even is possible) but I am not 100% sure if this is my last sparkling piece. I wanted to wear these shorts one last time before I departed with them. I really love them, butContinue reading “Put More Sparkle In Your Step”

Happy Thanksgiving…Macklemore?

Hello Friends! It’s thanksgiving in America today! That means, lot of eating and lots of shopping. This year, I am opting out of Black Friday sales. I feel that there are so many things that I already have that I really don’t need to be out there shopping. Instead, I am going to stay homeContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving…Macklemore?”

Mustard + Oxblood = So Cool & Oh, So Fall.

Hello Loves! It was actually a chilly day in South Florida today. Ok, so we’ve had a few chilly days here and there but I wore a sweater today so it counts!LOL. I can’t gush enough about this gorgeous sweater I bought at Goodwill the other day. It’s sooooo pretty and the color is justContinue reading “Mustard + Oxblood = So Cool & Oh, So Fall.”