Faux-Fur Coat & Burgundy Velvet Dress = Holiday Party #outfitinspo

It is only fitting that since we are officially in the Holiday season ( although I think the holiday season officially kicked off Black Friday) I thought it would be great to show you different holiday party outfits. The holiday season is great but when you have several engagements to attend we can sometimes getContinue reading “Faux-Fur Coat & Burgundy Velvet Dress = Holiday Party #outfitinspo”

Baroque Midi Skirt

There was a time when girls my height ( 5’4 & under) were afraid to were midi skirts. The obvious reason to this is that, it eats up at our height. However, I am so glad that more and more petit girls are waving goodbye to fashion no-no’s and trying out fashion trends “prohibited” toContinue reading “Baroque Midi Skirt”