Cami Dress + Pom Pom Heels

Outfit Details This is a special outfit for me because my younger sister gifted this to me as a birthday present. This might have been my favorite birthday present as I have not stopped wearing. So much so, that I have been talking myself into wearing it for work but I know its a bitContinue reading “Cami Dress + Pom Pom Heels”

Fringe Frill Jeans + Pom Pom Heels

Wearing open toe heels in the winter is probably not a great idea but I still can’t help myself. To fix that, I decided I was going to wear socks with them but of course, my socks provided zero warmth. I know socks and heels are usually a hit, miss or don’t do it forContinue reading “Fringe Frill Jeans + Pom Pom Heels”