The Plaid Blazer + The Herringbone Trousers

Ok, when I say it has been cold, I mean, it has been COLD. My skin is definitely suffering and my body wants to go into hibernation. I don’t know how you Northern folk or people that live in cold places do it. Charlotte’s winters are fairly mild compared to most cold places and IContinue reading “The Plaid Blazer + The Herringbone Trousers”

Plaid Blazer & Velvet Booties = Winter Uniform

Outfit Details So I thought finding a colorful plaid blazer online was going to be super easy because you know, it’s the holiday season and all, but nope. All the blazers online right now are usually grey/black/brown/taupe but not the super clichĂ© “Christmas-y” blazer that I was looking for. Thank God for Goodwill because thatContinue reading “Plaid Blazer & Velvet Booties = Winter Uniform”