Ladies and Gents, this skirt is HOTT! Today I bring you an exciting outfit that I had been dying to show off for a while. I bought this skirt back in March for my birthday but because of some unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to wear it. However, on Friday I told myself thatContinue reading “F L A M (ING) I N G O H O T S K I R T! #OOTD”

Viernes Culturales ( Cultural Friday’s)

Hey loves! As you all may or may not know, I am from Miami, Florida and I love my city dearly. Part of growing up in Miami ( besides the beaches) is the exposure to different latin american cuisines, music and culture.I myself am from Latin America , I am from a Honduras, a countryContinue reading “Viernes Culturales ( Cultural Friday’s)”

Beach Day!

One of the things that I love about my childhood is that I have so many fond memories of the beach. As a child, my mother would celebrate our birthdays or even Christmas (yes, Christmas) at the beach. Which would explain why I love the beach so much. There is nothing in this world thatContinue reading “Beach Day!”

In these streets

Happy Saturday loves! If you are ever in Miami, FL (not South Beach, because those are actually two different cities) you have to make sure to make a pit stop in Wynwood a.k.a Design District and check out the sick art there. There is soooo many cool art around the neighborhood that you might justContinue reading “In these streets”

Easy Sunday

Sunday, the day that we should take time off from our busy schedules and rest. For me, it was an easy going morning and afternoon. I went to a Seafood Festival where the food was YUUUUMMMM ! Of course if you grow up you on the coast or in an island, you either ┬álearn toContinue reading “Easy Sunday”


Ok, so today was a rather strange day. We got “fall” like weather in Miami and I must admit, I was one happy camper. Finally, we have opened our doors to a cool breeze, very low humidity and a “feather weight” chill. It was perfect. Since the weather was soooo lovely today, the weather inspiredContinue reading ““Fall””

Boyfriend shorts + shirt = Chic girlfriend.

So, we are all very well aware of the boyfriend jeans and the boyfriend shirts, but what about the boyfriend shorts?! Yes, I rocked my destroyed boyfriend shorts and loved every minute of it. Isn’t it just comfortable to just be able to wear nice looking loose fitted clothing? It just feels so relaxing andContinue reading “Boyfriend shorts + shirt = Chic girlfriend.”