Sweaterdress + Chunky boots

Outfit Details These are my favorite kind of outfits; minimal effort required while looking effortlessly put together. Believe it or not, the first thing I did to put this look together were my tights and chunky boots. Once I had that on, I pulled this sweater dress out of my closet and floppy fedora hat.Continue reading “Sweaterdress + Chunky boots”

Pussy-Bow Top + Houndstooth Midi Skirt

Growing up, I was the kid that copied Avril Lavigne’s skater boy look; the tie with tank top look. Yes, I did that and yes, I got all the stares and not in a good way. Now, I don’t have any regrets but I must say, I am glad I outgrew that. I still likeContinue reading “Pussy-Bow Top + Houndstooth Midi Skirt”