Houndstooth Jacket + Stripped Sequin Skirt

Happy Friday! I know I missed Wednesdays post but the day really got by me. Normally, I schedule my posts but I have not been scheduling like I would like too. Honestly, sometimes I’m so burnt out from work, I don’t know what to write about. I think that maybe why I didn’t post onContinue reading “Houndstooth Jacket + Stripped Sequin Skirt”

Houndstooth Coat + Half Zip Sweater

Here’s this coat once again! I rented this coat again because I could not resist renting it one more time. The weather is turning around here so its getting a bit too warm for thick coats. I am hoping we are at the tail end of freezing temps. Since I subscribed to Rent The Runway,Continue reading “Houndstooth Coat + Half Zip Sweater”

Houndstooth Pants + Furry Top

Outfit three of the houndstooth series. Furry tops are so comfy; especially when the weather is in between summer/fall or winter/spring. It’s that awkward time of year when we step out wearing winter but finish the taking all the layers off. This is a thrifted Zara top that I was lucky enough to find atContinue reading “Houndstooth Pants + Furry Top”

Houndstooth + Houndstooth

Houndstooth Series. Houndstooth is a favorite pattern of mine. I love the jagged edges of the pattern and how sharp they can make an item look. For this first outfit in the series, I wanted to wear houndstooth on houndstooth because why not. The trick to mixing patterns (of the same pattern) is wear differentContinue reading “Houndstooth + Houndstooth”