The Plaid Blazer + The Herringbone Trousers

Ok, when I say it has been cold, I mean, it has been COLD. My skin is definitely suffering and my body wants to go into hibernation. I don’t know how you Northern folk or people that live in cold places do it. Charlotte’s winters are fairly mild compared to most cold places and IContinue reading “The Plaid Blazer + The Herringbone Trousers”

Plaid Blouse + Herringbone Pants

The outfits that I love the most are those that are 100% thrifted! Why? Because that usually means, I spent under $40.00 for the entire look; except the shoes. Outfit Details There’s no secret that I like to mix patterns, so today, I’ve combined plaid and herringbone. The top is actually short sleeve but IContinue reading “Plaid Blouse + Herringbone Pants”