The Addams Family

Happy HALLOWEEN! Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I like to go all out. This year, my family and I decided to be the spookiest and kookiest, The Addams Family. They were my childhood favorite! Growing up my sisters even nicknamed me “Wednesday Addams” because I was that child, lol. I originally thought I wasContinue reading “The Addams Family”

Halloween 2017: Frankenstein Monster + Bride of Frankenstein

My throw back Thursday Post today is to a very late post – #tbt #lp. We were the Frankensteins this year, Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein Monster (husband) and Dr. Frankenstein (Sir. Teddy). I am HUGE on Halloween and I go BIG. I love wearing costumes and recreating some of my favorite childhood and adulthood characters.Continue reading “Halloween 2017: Frankenstein Monster + Bride of Frankenstein”