The Sequence Of Sequin

Hi Loves! It’s no surprise that the holidays are officially here and we are all shopping for that perfect holiday outfit. This only means, bring on the sequins, glitters and everything that sparkles. H&M, Forever 21, TopShop and every other retailer has lined-up all of their most glittery and sparkly clothes. I have a fewContinue reading “The Sequence Of Sequin”

Crop top + Pleated Pants

Hi Loves and Happy Tuesday! I love a nice pair of pleated pants, especially if they’re nice and fitted at the leg yet versatile enough to make it work for the that 9-5 or for a casual day. I paired the pants with a beautiful crop top I purchased about a year ago and quite frankly,Continue reading “Crop top + Pleated Pants”

Breaking Records!

Hello Loves! So, today was a HOT one in South Florida. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know, I know. I live in Miami, it should be hot. However, we hit a record heat low for this month. It was a whopping 88 degrees in Miami today and although we are known for reaching the lower 80’s allContinue reading “Breaking Records!”