The Cashmere Shirt + Plaid Pants

Sometimes in life, things happen unexpectedly. Things that may knock the wind right out of you. But you gotta keep pushing through it all. What is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness.   Outfit Details Cashmere tops are so underrated and I can’t figure out why. Ok. I think I know why. HaveContinue reading “The Cashmere Shirt + Plaid Pants”

Faux-Leather Moto Jacket + Python Mules

It’s Valentines Day and I hope you are all spending it with the ones that you love the most, Happy Valentines Day! Outfit Details There are days when I look at my closet and feel inspired but there are other days when I just throw things together and run out the house. This is oneContinue reading “Faux-Leather Moto Jacket + Python Mules”

Plaid Blouse + Herringbone Pants

The outfits that I love the most are those that are 100% thrifted! Why? Because that usually means, I spent under $40.00 for the entire look; except the shoes. Outfit Details There’s no secret that I like to mix patterns, so today, I’ve combined plaid and herringbone. The top is actually short sleeve but IContinue reading “Plaid Blouse + Herringbone Pants”


Hello Loves! I have been quite M.I.A for the past month because I was fully preparing to complete my degree. I needed to really focus in school, so I gave that a priority and decided my blog needed to take a back seat. I finally graduated and I will now turn back to my blogContinue reading “G R A D U A T I O N”

The $1.00 dollar Wool Coat

So, I basically live in thrift stores. At my local thrift store, everyone and I mean everyone in the store knows me as the frequent buyer. I drive around this city looking for the best thrift stores and I do not shy away from the most “suspect” looking shops. I love bargain shopping and IContinue reading “The $1.00 dollar Wool Coat”