Welcome Back

Welcome Back Friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I wish you all a prosperous, healthy and happy new year. It’s been a whopping two years since I last posted something on here. I am excited to be back. I wasn’t sure where to begin or what to post as a welcome back party (I had a few ideas in mind) so I will keep it simple.

COVID has really done a number on all of us; especially to my favorite pass time hobby. I gotta be honest with you, I didn’t go to the thrift store all of 2020 because of COVID. I finally returned this year and it has been rough out there. I don’t know if it’s a combination of more people thrifting or maybe people not donating as much but I haven’t been as lucky. I did get lucky with this leather skirt, which if I may do say-so myself, its the perfect mix of vintage and on-trend. The weather in Charlotte has been mild this winter (cold in the AM and warm in the afternoon) it honestly feels like spring. Dressing for this weather isn’t particular fun because you’re dressing for two seasons. That’s why I paired the skirt with this bodysuit – its warm enough to not make want to strip by the end of the day. The top isn’t thrifted, I actually got this one at Marshalls (which I didn’t know sold Free People). To complete this chic look I added these snake print boots I bought on sale on Nordstrom Rack (2020) and a mix-and-match snake print thrifted clutch.

If you’re wanting similar items to this outfit, check out for the skirt here, shoes here, bodysuit here and bag here.

ReChycd Returning

Hello Friends!

It’s been a bit over 2 years since I last blogged. At first, I thought I would take some time off but in reality, I knew I was probably going to be gone for longer.

I took a very long sabbatical not because I was tired of blogging but because I became disillusioned with it all. Bloggers/influencers has taken on a new form and it be hard to try to compete or to stay relevant in this field. I became a bit burned out, disappointed and started to developed insecurities within myself. I thought I would take some time off to regroup but the fact is that my passion was dwindling with bouts of self doubt. Of course, I still used social media and I still continued to live my life as usual but more so offline.

With this being said and without getting too mopey on here, for those of you still hear, I will be returning to the blog. Not in the capacity that I was – blogging 3/4x per week but blogging on here and using social. I plan on not only sharing my personal style but hope to share styling, thrift shopping tips and tricks and ReChycing!

I have a relaunching date of January 2022 and I am very excited.

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T H R E E M I X: The Leopard Dress

Outfit Details

This is MY favorite series on the blog! If you just started following me or stumbled across my blog, Threemix is a series that I show you how I styled one piece of clothing 3 different ways. Today’s Threemix is the leopard body-con dress. This is one of those versatile pieces that you can dress up or down. It’s also the perfect fall/spring dress because its warm but not so warm that you want to strip naked by the time you step outside. I wore the outfit for three separate occasions; casual, dinner and night out.

Dress: Nina Leonard, thrifted: $4.00

Happy Fashion – Karla

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Nina Leonard Sweater Dress, similar here



Red Denim Jacket + Leopard Dress

Hey loves! A quick blog post today! Here’s the run down of what I’ve been up to.

  • I’ve finally started listing more items on eBay, so check my store out https://www.ebay.com/usr/rechycd7.
  • In keeping up with my New Years resolution list, I finished my first book of the year, “How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents” by Julia Alvarez and I am currently on my second book, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Truma Copte.
  • I have worked out 6x a week, with the exception of last week; minor cold – blah.
  • I got a promotion at work! Woot woot.
  • I will start to blog more consistently – honestly, I haven’t been in the mood because of the weather.

Outfit Details

I actually wore this out on 12.31.18 and I forgot to post this one. It happened to be slightly warm that day, so I was able to wear this denim jacket. I have been obsessed with denim my entire existence. Growing up, I had over 50 pairs of jeans and too many denim jackets. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to minimize this obsession by having jeans that I absolutely love and a denim jacket for every season. I’ve never had colored denim jackets, so this is a first. I bought this jacket at Goodwill and I couldn’t pass it up because one, it’s a denim jacket but two, it’s red. Red is my favorite color. Hence my obsession with red lips and my Ruby wedding ring. I didn’t know what I was going to wear it with but I bought it anyway.

I did not plan on wearing this jacket with this dress. I actually had the dress on at first and I was running out of the house and I needed a light jacket. I quickly scanned through  my closet and bam, thought it looked good. Honestly, never considered wearing brown with red and beige, but it worked. I didn’t care a bag with me that day because truth be told, these days my wallet consists of an aluminum tin card holder; here.

Till next time, #positivevibesonly and Happy Fashion – Karla

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Double Breasted Blazer + Leather Pants

Time. Time goes by so fast, it’s almost impossible to do everything we want to accomplish in one day.  I may or may not have added too much on my plate, but I will let you know if I have.

Outfit Details

The double breasted blazer is one of my favorite fashion must-haves of this season. It’s the most chic thing in my closet right now and comfy. My favorite thing about this outfit is that I did not have to try too hard to make this chic and effortless. Since it is still cold out, I decided to wear my leather pants and this beautiful velvet top. A accessoried with black heels and a bold red lip.

Pants: Elizabeth James , Goodwill: $4.00 // Blazer: Talbots, Goodwill: $4.00 // Clutch: $2.00 // Thrifted total: $10.00

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Thank you and Happy Fashion – Karla.









Leather Skirt + Bubble Sleeves

I’ve started my New Years with the intensity of a thousand knives! LOL ok, I was exaggerating but I have started my New Years resolution working pretty hard. I have been committed to my workouts and working on my eBay store. However, all the multitasking has had me slacking on my blog but I am committed to staying consistent.

Outfit Details

The only item I gifted myself this Christmas, was this Michael Kors fanny pack. I know, these are like completely “outdated” BUT I have been searching for this bag for awhile. I finally found one that I liked and at a reasonable price. I’ll probably wear this for thrift shopping and/or running errands but I couldn’t help myself emulating Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Of course, I emulated it my way because there is no way, I could wear a crop top and skirt like she did because my abs are not chiseled. Instead, I opted for this leather pencil skirt and this bubble sleeve sweater. The perfect fall-like weather winter outfit. The fanny pack and the red lip were the final item that made this outfit pop.

Skirt: Kay Unger, thrifted: $4.00 // Thrifted Total: $4.00

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Happy Fashion – Karla









T H R E E M I X: The Sequin Vintage Sweater

Outfit Details

I’ve expressed my love for vintage sweaters here many times. However, this is THEE favorite vintage sweater. I bought this one back home a few years ago and I originally thought I was going to resell it but I lied. HEHEH ^__^. I fell in love with it so I was like, eh, why not. I’ve worn this sweater more than three times of course, but here are the three ways I featured it on the blog.

I have worn this sweater for work, for a cocktail party and on a casual Saturday afternoon. As you can see here, it was really easy to transition from look to the other by easily replacing a few items. You don’t have to have a huge closet or an endless amount of clothes in order to look fresh. It takes key pieces and reworking your look to make a simple item look “new” on a different day/outfit.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Fashion, Karla.

Vintage Sequin Sweater + Victoria Beckham for Target, featured here

Vinyl Pants + Sequin Vintage Sweater, featured here

Happy Holiday’s Post, here

The Midi Skirt

For a very quick moment, we experienced late spring weather here in Charlotte last week. I’m saying quick because the temperatures are forecasted to drop and apparently there’s going to be rain and snow this weekend.  So there’s that (here goes to another weekend hibernating 😦) . Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how quick this weather was going to last because it started raining and we were unable to capture more than 4 good photos for this post.

Outfit Details

For this very brief moment of spring like weather,  I was actually able to wear this beautiful H&M skirt I thrifted the other day. There’s something about earth tone colors that is truly beautiful. I wanted this to be a nice winter/spring transition look (although I’m a few months early) and what better way than to pair a mustard midi skirt with a snake print top. Since the weather was that unforgiving I wore open toe shoes and I opted for these beautiful black and white mules, I thrifted BNWT! This entire outfit was thrifted ! Talk about Happy New Year. The purse was not thrifted but rather gifted to me for my 16th birthday from my mom.

Skirt: H&M, Goodwill: $4.00 // Top: Talbots, Goodwill Outlet: $1.97 // Shoes: Nine West, Goodwill: $5.00 // Thrifted Total: $10.97

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Thank you and Happy Fashion – Karla





Happy New Year! #PositiveVibesOnly

Hey Everyone!  The holidays were very hectic and I had so much going on that I didn’t feel inspired to post. That’s when I knew I had to take some me time off; but I’m back. I wish everyone a HAPPY New Year and I wish you all, health, wealth and plenty of positive vibes. Now that the New Year is in full swing. Did you make any resolutions this year? If so, what are they? Let me know in the comment section below. My motto for 2019 is Positive Vibes Only. I’m a pretty optimistic person but somewhere along the shuffle I started to feel very negative. I don’t know if it’s because of the people that I have been associating myself with or what, but I have felt like a Debby Downer. For this year, I have a few goals ( not resolutions) that I want to accomplish and in order to achieve these goals, my motto this year, is #PositiveVibesOnly. In starting my #positivevibesonly I dyed my hair black. I have been wanting to dye my hair this color for YEARS but I never went for it because everyone told me that it would look “bad”, “awful”, and that it would “wash me out.” Keeping in mind that my natural hair color is dark brown -___- . This year, I said to hell with it and I dyed it black. I LOVE the outcome ! When in doubt, follow your gut and if it really does look bad, color it again, lol.

Outfit Details

The weather on New Years Eve was pretty terrible here. It was warm ( a first since I’ve lived here) gloomy and raining. A total downer BUT (#positivevibesonly) in some cultures rain is a sign of good luck, so I’m thinking it was the first sign of prosperity for 2019.

My hair inspired my New Years Eve outfit so I went full black, on black, on black. Wearing all black can be tricky as the color can wash out any details on your outfit if all the materials are the same. In order to avoid a total wash out, I paired this thrifted embellished vintage maxi skirt with this thrifted Ralph Lauren (BNWT) velvet side knot top. I accessorized with a pair of black suede ankle straps and a patent leather clutch. Unfortunately the gloomy weather made it difficult to photograph this outfit 😦 .

2019 New Years Goals

  • Read at least 12 books this year.
  • Lose the unnecessary pounds I’ve gained.
  • Take dance classes with the husband.
  • Start my online vintage resell store.
  • Blog consistently.

Skirt: Vintage, Goodwill: $4.00 // Top: Ralph Lauren, Goodwill: $4.00 // Thrifted Total: $8.00

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Happy Fashion and remember, #positivevibesonly. – Karla


Ralph Lauren Bow Neck Halter Top, similar here



Vintage Maxi Embellished Skirt, similar here



Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas for those of you who celebrate Christmas! I will not have any more outfit posts this week, as I decided to take the week off. If all goes well, I should have outfit posts next week. I had a very a chill noche buena (Christmas Eve) and Christmas day. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas fun of love, laughter, family and food!

Outfit Details

This is not my Christmas outfit – it’s actually pj’s. But for my “holiday” look, I wore my version of a Christmas sweater. I don’t own any Christmas sweaters because frankly, I don’t like them, no matter  how “cute” they are. I wanted a super chill outfit, so I paired this sweater with skinny jeans and black booties. A very simple outfit for a very basic Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Happy Early Kwanza and Happy (very belated) Hanukkah! And if you don’t celebrate any of the above, I hope you had a very restful, happy, joy filled, tummy filled four day weekend!

Happy Fashion!


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