Houndstooth Pants + Furry Top

Outfit three of the houndstooth series.

Furry tops are so comfy; especially when the weather is in between summer/fall or winter/spring. It’s that awkward time of year when we step out wearing winter but finish the taking all the layers off. This is a thrifted Zara top that I was lucky enough to find at Goodwill a few months back for a cool $4.00. There is a small window of time that I can wear and the time is now. I have only worn this top once but I look forward to wearing at least 3x before it gets too warm out. The pants were rented from RTR and I was excited to order these because of the subtle bell bottom. Unfortunately, I ordered them in a size too big so they didn’t sit quite as expected. Either way, I made the most of it. I kept this outfit simple by wearing black accessories; a mini bag and ankle heels.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Outfit Details: Pants Here | Top, similar here


T H R E E M I X: Levi’s Jeans

I’m excited to be bringing this segment back. Threemix is a series I created where I showcase one item styled in three (or more) ways. If the rich and famous have taught us anything is that rewearing clothes is a major faux-pas. However, for the common every day folks, this just isn’t possible nor affordable. I love rewearing and restyling clothes; its the easiest way to make any outfit feel new. The best way to save money is when you shop your closet. Shopping your closet means, looking at your clothes and giving them new life by styling them differently.

For my first THREEMIX feature back, I have these Levis jeans. I am normally a skinny jeans or wide legged jeans person but I have been wanting to try different denim styles. I bought these in an attempt to change my look and to try something outside of my comfort level. Overall, I like the style of the jeans – not a fan of how they look on my rearend but I do like the style and versatility of them.

Houndstooth Jacket and Levi Jeans

Happy Valentines Day!

The post is a bit late and that is because I fell off the organized wagon. I had a few things on my to-do list and kinda let this slip through the cracks. Ya’ll blogging consistently isn’t easy 😅.

I am kinda excited about this post because this has to be like the 5th time I wear these jeans. I use to have a Threemix segment that I think I am bringing back. It’s basically, when I have worn an item 3 or more times styled differently. Stay tuned for that.

I actually rented this jacket thinking it would look great with a skirt I had only to not like how it looked. I did wear this to wear with a pair of work slacks and I looked sharp. However, I wanted to wear it on the weekend with a more relaxed look. The sleeves are a bit structured which is what I loved about this jacket. It also sits right at the waist which ideally makes it perfect to wear with high waisted jeans for a more chic look. The jacket was surprisingly warm so I wore a short sleeve cashmere jacket (it was actually 60 out that day) and my go-to winter booties.

Outfit Details: Jacket Here | Jeans Here | Booties, similar, Here | Handbag Here


Houndstooth + Houndstooth

Houndstooth Series.

Houndstooth is a favorite pattern of mine. I love the jagged edges of the pattern and how sharp they can make an item look. For this first outfit in the series, I wanted to wear houndstooth on houndstooth because why not. The trick to mixing patterns (of the same pattern) is wear different sizes of the pattern and colors. The coat has the same pattern in different sizes in the same color and the pants are about the same size of one of the sizes on the coat and the gloves are a complete different color. The sweater is a very pretty fuzzy material with exaggerated shoulders. I tried to capture a picture of the shoulder but truth be told, it was exceptionally cold on this day and I did not want to remove my coat. I accessories with a red lip, black shoes and a black bag.

Outfit Details: Pants, similar Here | Coat Here | Sweater, similar Here |

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Bell Sleeve Sweater + Straight Ankle Jeans

I have been on a search for the perfect pair of jeans. My quest started with trying out different lengths. I am 5’4-ish and have the hardest time finding jeans that aren’t too long. I also have thick calves and thighs to match, so finding a pair that I can get into can be tricky. For years, my go-to has been skinny jeans but I miss wearing real denim. The type that you struggle to get on but once they mold to your body, they’re the only pair you want to wear. On my quest, I found these straight ankle jeans from Levis. I do like the length but the cut, I am still trying to get to love. I feel like they make my bottom look heavier and with the wrongs shoes, short. I actually bought these with the intention of wearing heeled sandals but I wore these boots instead just to give it a try. While I did like the look, I don’t think I’ll be wearing boots with these often. I have a few jeans that I bought at Levis in an attempt to find THE pair, so I’ll be featuring them a bit more on here.

I was going for a super low-key casual outfit (and since it was cold out) I wore this Free People bell sleeve sweater. I actually got this at Marshalls a few months ago on clearance – a steal actually. A coat was a must on this chilly day and so were the boots. The boots – in all my years of blogging, I cannot believe I have never featured these boots here! These are my most comfortable boots, I have worn these to Musical Festival, dinner dates, weekend errands, work etc. Worth every penny I paid some odd years ago.

Outfit Details: Top Here | Jeans Here | Shoes similar here | Coat Here


Plaid Coat + Chunky Turtleneck

Plaid Series continues…

I have to say, limiting myself to only one pattern has been tricky. I foolishly thought this was going to be easy but it has not. This has been an unexpected challenge and I am laughing at myself – because I did this to myself, LOL. I think I am going to do three patterns back-to-back and then take break before I do three more.

This week, I have more coats because the weather has not been very nice. At first, wearing a patterned coat may seem tricky because you may find yourself only wearing specific colors to match the pattern but I promise, its not difficult. The easiest way to pull off a busy pattern is by finding colors that match the dominant color. In this case, the dominant color is green – colors that go well with green are; yellow, gray, mint, blue, pink – yes, pink. This coat had white, black, yellow (very faint) gray and green. Keeping this in mind, I chose to wear different shades of grey, white and black. The coat, simply pulled the look together and I put my hair in bun because the neck on the turtleneck is thick.

Outfit Details: Turtleneck (thrifted) similar here | Jeans Here | Coat Here


Plaid Coat + Calf Hair Boots

Punxsutawney Phil has predicted that there will 6 more weeks of winter, and I. AM. NOT. OK. I am ready for warm days under the sun. The up side is that its only 6 more weeks and that it could be much worse. The one thing that gets me through this winter, is fashion. So, let’s get started.

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to a lunch date. It was a particularly chilly day so I wore this coat to keep warm (from RTR). While the coat did keep my warm – its insulated in the inside – it did make me a look a bit funny on the shoulders. But I am a comfort over fashion type of gal sometimes so I didn’t pay too much attention to the bulkiness. The sweater is from RTR (rent the runway) and I loved the bell sleeves (?) because it gave my outfit that extra oomph. I originally had snake print mules on but switched out last minute to these because it was cold out. I got these from Schultz a few weeks ago at a major discount (I bought three pairs) and they are beautiful. The color is as amazing in person as in the photos. To finish this look, I wore a wool bag I thrifted a few years ago.

Outfit Details: Coat Here | Jeans Here | Sweater Here | Boots Here | Bag Here


Shacket + Leather Pants

Shacket? They were all the rage this winter season – if you haven’t seen the shacket all over social media or at your local shop, let me introduce you to it. It’s a mix between a shirt and a jacket. The beloved plaid shirt was remixed into a cozy oversized jacket and I am here for it. I first saw them at the Gap, browsing for a new pair of denim. However, it retailed around $100+ and there is no way I was paying that much for it. Instead, I got lucky at my local Marshalls (my other favorite retailer) and I got this one for under $40.00. I have worn this shacket all season long, with denim, sweat pants, leggings and leather pants. Its versatile and warm – the perfect winter item.

I’ve worn this for more casual outings but I wanted to elevated it a bit so I wore it my leather pants. This all black ensemble was instantly elevated and turned into a cool girl outfit. I kept warm by adding this thrifted angora fur bucket hat, leather clothes and booties.

AND… The pants, shoes, hat and gloves were all thrifted! – Pants: Elizabeth James – retail price $700, thrifted for $4.00; the hat and gloves $1.99 each and Shoes: Rag and Bone – retail price $595, thrifted for $20.00.

Outfit Details | Shacket, similar here | Leather Pants, similar here | Bucket Hat, similar here | Booties, similar here

Thank you for stopping by,



Winter Whites + Plaid Coat

Happy Monday !

I love wearing bright colors and patterns, a lot. To make things fun (and complicate my life a bit) I am going to start a pattern series. Every two weeks or so, I am going to wear the same pattern and show you how I style said print. I’ll be posting pass and present outfits on IG and the three weekly on here.

This week, I am starting with plain ol’ plaid. There’s nothing plain about plaid but since its winter, I thought I would start with a more traditional seasonal print – because it is winter, I will probably be wearing lots of coats. Full disclosure – I have been renting coats on RTR more than anything else simply because I don’t have a good mix of coats in my closet. Coats aren’t exactly cheap and I don’t have an endless amount of space to store the amount of coats I wish I owned. This is why renting them has been amazing because I get to play around with outfits and try different colors, patterns, styles etc. I had no idea what I was going to wear with this coat but I quickly settled for a winter white look. No white after labor day is the rule, but I’m from Florida where we wear color year round, including white. I like styling my outfits around my coats because truth be told, THEY ARE THE OUTFIT (at least for me). Whenever I wear a coats there is 90% chance its not coming off. This is why I like styling my outfits around the coat I am wearing. I did add the snake boots for a little razzle dazzle, lol.

Outfit Details: Coat Here | Sweater, thrifted, similar here | Pants similar here | Boats here

Hope you all have an amazing week!


Sweater Knit Dress + Yeezy’s

Here’s another casual look – on this chilly casual Friday. Sneakers have been my go-to since the start of the pandemic and I have been reaching more for them lately because of my feet. It appears that as a gift from aging I am having more difficulty with wearing heels all day. If I don’t need to wear, I catch myself shooting for sneakers more often. I had wanted to try a pair of Yeezy’s for a few but I never quite took the plunge because lets face it, I can be cheap LOL and these aren’t exactly affordable. My husband actually got me my first pair and I was hooked since. I now have more pairs than I can care to admit but I find them to be my most comfiest pair of casual shoes.

I know sneakers can be a bit tricky to wear because in our minds, their casual shoes and probably look best with denim/shorts/leggings. However, I love pair sneakers with dresses when possible because its the perfect combination of athleisure. Its the cool way of them wearing anyway but jeans and sneakers will always be a staple.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Outfit Details: Dress, similar here | Shoes here


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