Welcome Back

Welcome Back Friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I wish you all a prosperous, healthy and happy new year. It’s been a whopping two years since I last posted something on here. I am excited to be back. I wasn’t sure where to begin or what to post as a welcome back party (I had aContinue reading “Welcome Back”

Thigh-high lace up boots

I took these bad boys out for a spin and they are hot. All EYES will definitely  be on you with these boots. However, I caution you that the weather MUST be agreeable because I was sweating in these. I wanted to wear these boots with a dress so I knew immediately this was theContinue reading “Thigh-high lace up boots”


This is one of those “retro-fit” outfits that look simply cool. Although, it might look like one entire outfit this is actually two separate pieces. This is actually a dress and a shirt and I purchased both pieces at Goodwill. I wore this earlier this spring/summer and I had not worn it since because I didn’tContinue reading “PLAID SHIRT & WIDE POCKET DRESS”


Today’s outfit has a little bit or rebel and a little bit of chic. To be honest, there is something about this outfit that reminds me of Rihanna. I think it might be the blazer, or the sunglasses but there is something about this outfit that makes want to scream badgal Riri. The blazer inspiredContinue reading “LACE BUSTIER + TROUSERS + PASTEL BLAZER = MONOCHROMATIC”

Baroque Midi Skirt

There was a time when girls my height ( 5’4 & under) were afraid to were midi skirts. The obvious reason to this is that, it eats up at our height. However, I am so glad that more and more petit girls are waving goodbye to fashion no-no’s and trying out fashion trends “prohibited” toContinue reading “Baroque Midi Skirt”


I probably bought this dress two years ago and never wore it. This dress looks homemade because it has no signs of ever having tags. The dress is definitely vintage because it has a familiarity of being around during the seventies or maybe it was someone’s “experiment gone wrong”?  Who knows but I love it.Continue reading “PLEATED MAXI DRESS”


When I purchase clothes, I make it my goal to wear it more than once. I bought this red dress back in February for valentines day but I have not worn it since. It’s a beautiful dress but its just not the piece I can wear to say, the grocery store, shopping or the movies.TheContinue reading “LACE SKATER DRESS”


This is one of those “love at first sight” moments. I found this top at the thrift store last fall and I am now coming around to posting about it. The beading, the structure and the detailing of the top is reminiscent to Balmain (to me anyway). This is definitely one of those show stoppingContinue reading “SPARKLES + EMBELLISHED TOP”