Sweater Maxi Skirt + Chunky Knit Sweater.

Hey ! I have been a bit MIA, took some unintentional days off. I have simply gotten busy and in need of rest. I also celebrated a birthday last week, so happy 34th to me! It was a chill day – it was cold and rainy so it was the perfect day to slow down.Continue reading “Sweater Maxi Skirt + Chunky Knit Sweater.”

Classic Camel Coat + Knee High Boots

The classic camel coat – this timeless piece should be a staple in everyone’s closet. Truthfully, I have been shopping for the perfect camel coat for years! I have found the coat that I am lusting for but its completely out of my budget – MaxMara $3K; yikes! For now, I have rent the runwayContinue reading “Classic Camel Coat + Knee High Boots”

Vintage Fur Coat + Snake on Snake Print

Ssssssseriously into this pattern mixing and fur coat {see what i did there?} LOL. This was something I threw together a few weeks ago and I loved it. I originally thought I would wear this to a concert I had this weekend but changed my mind. It was such a low-key cool girl vibe outfit.Continue reading “Vintage Fur Coat + Snake on Snake Print”

Turtleneck Dress + Duster Coat

Orange you glad I posted today? LOL. Hey Loves, I know I skipped Wednesday – sorry, I need to get better organized. Here’s a super cute sweater dress I rented from RTR a few weeks ago, that I am super obsessed about. I am a bit self conscious about the weight that I put onContinue reading “Turtleneck Dress + Duster Coat”

Striped Knit Sweater + Ankle Jeans

Chunky sweater have an absolute special place in my heart. They’re cozy, soft and its like wearing a blanket out in public. I rented this sweater because it looked so cozy on the site and it did not disappoint. It was really warm and cozy and the perfect piece to wear on those extra chillyContinue reading “Striped Knit Sweater + Ankle Jeans”

Stripes On Stripes

Stripe Series loading… Stripes can be intimidating to some people because of the old, ”they make you look bigger.” But this is simply not true. I am not a huge stripes person, I’ll admit but I do the enjoy the print from time to time. I bought this skirt from Goodwill a few years agoContinue reading “Stripes On Stripes”

Houndstooth Jacket + Stripped Sequin Skirt

Happy Friday! I know I missed Wednesdays post but the day really got by me. Normally, I schedule my posts but I have not been scheduling like I would like too. Honestly, sometimes I’m so burnt out from work, I don’t know what to write about. I think that maybe why I didn’t post onContinue reading “Houndstooth Jacket + Stripped Sequin Skirt”

Houndstooth Coat + Half Zip Sweater

Here’s this coat once again! I rented this coat again because I could not resist renting it one more time. The weather is turning around here so its getting a bit too warm for thick coats. I am hoping we are at the tail end of freezing temps. Since I subscribed to Rent The Runway,Continue reading “Houndstooth Coat + Half Zip Sweater”