T H R E E M I X: Levi’s Jeans

I’m excited to be bringing this segment back. Threemix is a series I created where I showcase one item styled in three (or more) ways. If the rich and famous have taught us anything is that rewearing clothes is a major faux-pas. However, for the common every day folks, this just isn’t possible nor affordable. I love rewearing and restyling clothes; its the easiest way to make any outfit feel new. The best way to save money is when you shop your closet. Shopping your closet means, looking at your clothes and giving them new life by styling them differently.

For my first THREEMIX feature back, I have these Levis jeans. I am normally a skinny jeans or wide legged jeans person but I have been wanting to try different denim styles. I bought these in an attempt to change my look and to try something outside of my comfort level. Overall, I like the style of the jeans – not a fan of how they look on my rearend but I do like the style and versatility of them.

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