Houndstooth Jacket and Levi Jeans

Happy Valentines Day!

The post is a bit late and that is because I fell off the organized wagon. I had a few things on my to-do list and kinda let this slip through the cracks. Ya’ll blogging consistently isn’t easy 😅.

I am kinda excited about this post because this has to be like the 5th time I wear these jeans. I use to have a Threemix segment that I think I am bringing back. It’s basically, when I have worn an item 3 or more times styled differently. Stay tuned for that.

I actually rented this jacket thinking it would look great with a skirt I had only to not like how it looked. I did wear this to wear with a pair of work slacks and I looked sharp. However, I wanted to wear it on the weekend with a more relaxed look. The sleeves are a bit structured which is what I loved about this jacket. It also sits right at the waist which ideally makes it perfect to wear with high waisted jeans for a more chic look. The jacket was surprisingly warm so I wore a short sleeve cashmere jacket (it was actually 60 out that day) and my go-to winter booties.

Outfit Details: Jacket Here | Jeans Here | Booties, similar, Here | Handbag Here


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