Thrifting: My favorite items to buy at thrift stores.

Most people go thrift shopping to see what they find – which is very true for me. However, I do have favorite items that I like to buy at thrift stores because they’re the best bargains. I check these sections out before I check anywhere else in the store.


Coats are probably my favorite items to bargain hunt. Coats are very expensive and if you’re like me, I only like to buy thick, warm and cozy wool coats. I live in Charlotte and while it may not be Chicago cold, it’s still cold enough for me. Wool, cashmere, fur, mohair and nylon can call come with a pricey price tag when purchased new but you can get these fabrics at a steal in thrift stores. My all-time favorite winter coat, featured throughout the blog, was purchased at a Goodwill for $8.00 (MaxMara). I would have NEVER been able to find it at that bargain price if purchased new – no matter the sale. The coat was still in excellent condition and all it needed was dry cleaning.


It’s no secret, leather is expensive. Whenever I find boots and/or leather bags in good condition I get super giddy. Of course, if a label is attached to it, then I am SUPER giddy. Most of us love a good label/luxury find and we get it a bargain, its even better. I have found MANY label items but the one item that comes to mind (as of recent) is these Elizabeth James leather pants. I bought these brand news without the tags at my local goodwill for under $5.00. These pants will be with me for many years to come and will last a very long time (if taken well care of).

Tartan Blazer + Leather Pants, featured here


I guess the argument can be made that this could probably fall under the coats category because of its similarity. I did think of including it with the coats section but honestly, I view coats and blazers a bit different. For one, blazers can be worn year round and one could say that for this reason they are more versatile than coats. How ever you view them, blazers are my third favorite find. A good quality blazer will run you in the hundreds, especially when you factor in the fabric, brand and style. In general, blazers are just “fancier” jackets but they can really make you looked polished and pulled together. A very good blazer is a closet staple and it should last you a very long time. When choosing a blazer, stick with a neutral color, a classic design and preferably one that is lined.

What are your favorite thrifted items? Let me know in the comments section below.

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