Bell Bottom Jeans + Chunky Knit Sweater

Heeeeeeyyyy {insert teeth chattering} ya’ll its been COLD here in Charlotte. It snowed twice in a week and that is almost unheard of. On a normal season, it snows once a season but this week was insane. This is the kind of weather that makes me miss home dearly.

This outfit was definitely not worn this weekend – I was covered in layers of clothing this weekend. I actually wore this a few weeks ago when it was chilly – but not bone chilly. I love a good pair of bell bottoms and I am NEVER giving them up. Say what you will about them but they make this short girl look like a runway model with extra long legs. I have always loved bell bottoms and I am always in search of the perfect pair (actually think I found them). I luckily found these at a thrift store about 2/3 years ago BNWTs and have worn them a handful of times. They are super stretchy and comfy and the bell isn’t too exaggerated. I wear these during the colder months because I can wear them with boots, being 5’4 I can’t really with these without high heels. I was really going for that 70’s look so I paired the jeans with this chunky knit bell sleeve top and finished it with a floppy hat for the full 70’s experience. The top is absolutely gorgeous, it’s Free People and I actually got it a consignment shop a friend of mine took me too. I’ll admit I’m not the consignment shop kinda gal but I was impressed by this shop. I actually plan on another trip soon since this top was 100% the trip.

Outfit Details – Jeans similar here | Top similar here | Shoes similar here | Floppy Hat similar here


Top: Free People

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