Houndstooth Coat + Converse

The Houndstooth coat again. As mentioned on my previous post, this coat is a rental and since its a rental, I try to wear it as much as possible. As a member I don’t have a deadline of when I have to return my items but I like to keep the items rotating. I really wanted to keep this one but it was simply a bit too big. I do plan on renting it again in my size, so expect to see it again.

I wanted a more relaxed weekend – off duty look. This is a day-to-day outfit that you could typically catch me wearing. I usually reserve heels for work or outings but errands I’m usually in sneakers unless heels aren’t an option (or not in the mood). I was actually really excited about these converse. In high school, I had about 20+ pairs of converse in a variety of colors and designs. In time, I got rid of them and stopped wearing them altogether but since I needed new lifting shoes, I decided to give these a try again. OMG, these are super comfy! It really was a mere coincidence that they happen to go well with the coat so I made an outfit out of it.

Have a nice weekend ya’ll.

Outfit Details: Top Similar here | Jeans here | Coat here | Shoes similar here


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