Winter Essentials

Every winter season, I either update or upgrade sweaters, shoes, pants etc. However, there are some items I never get rid or replace every season because it’s too worn from the previous season. Keep in mind that winters in North Carolina are very mild in comparison to the North or Northeast. Since our winters are so mild, I don’t necessarily need snow boots but do I need warm sweaters because this Floridian gal isn’t use to cold. Here are my easy peasy winter essential.


I am not a fan of layers and rarely wear scarves so when its really gold out and I need my neck covered, I opt for turtlenecks. If it’s really cold I’ll throw on a scarf but usually a turtleneck is sufficient. I usually opt for a medium thickness top so that I can easily layer underneath sweaters, coats, jackets and blazers. I specifically love wearing them with blazers to work because its the easiest way to look polished. Unfortunately, I have not found a turtleneck that I have been able to keep for more than one season, especially the black ones because of fading and/or overstretching. I try to have 3/5 different colors on hand so that I can rotate with pants and skirts (and even dresses), currently I have one in black, green, burgundy, yellow, and white. I do have a gray chunky knit one but I can’t really layer this one with much because of its thickness and warmth.


This might be kind of obvious but we all need a good pair of boots in the winter. Finding the right pair is the tricky part. For me, it has come down to more than one pair. I try to stick to two different styles and shapes. I tried finding ONE good pair but noticed that because of my height and outfits, one just wasn’t cutting it. I have a pair of trusted Chelsea booties for comfort, knee-high pair to spice up my outfits and a pair of patent leather ankle booties for work. Of course, I have a few pair of boots in different shades and shapes but I find myself reaching for these the most. All of my essential boots are black but I have ventured into different colors and patterns. The key here is to look at your closet and see what color you will be able to match with the items you already own. Additionally, stick with a solid color, avoid a pair that has too many buckles, large zippers and colored zippers/buckles/studs. I also recommend leather/faux-leather over suede and patent leather boots.

Luckily, I don’t need to invest in snow boots !

American Apparel, similar


A warm coat will take you a long way and it should last you a few seasons (years). I was lucky enough to have found a very good coat at Goodwill a few years ago. Its the MaxMara wool coat I’ve pictured here a few times. Every year, no matter how cold it gets, I always reach for this coat. It’s like a wearing a warm blanket to work, the grocery store and dinner. I was very fortunate to have found this coat in such great condition and truth be told, it might be a bit too warm for NC but I don’t care. It keeps me warm every fall/winter season and I can’t get enough of it. The perfect coat should be one that you can wear almost everyday during the colder months and that they can handle the wear and tear.

MaxMara Icon 101801, similar

Black Tights

Stockings, tights, which ever word you use, I need these in black, EVERY winter season. Winter dresses (skirts too) are one of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear during the colder months; especially for work. That is why black tights are a staple in my closet because I have to wear tights underneath my dresses – this serves two purposes, it helps me avoid chaffing and adds an additional layer of clothing to keep warm. Every season I have to replace my tights because of how much these get. They usually get pulled/frayed from my nails, rings and pilling from the boots. I have tried buying warm tights but find that the material doesn’t last long and I find myself replacing them before the season is over.

Wool Pants

Black trousers are a staple in my closet but black wool pants are a must. I probably wear my black wool pants more than any other piece of clothing in my closet when the temps drop. I can wear them with blouses, sweaters, my boots and large coat. They easily help me avoid having to wear multiple articles of clothing while helping me stay warm. I also love how pulled together they can make my work outfits look but also, the versatility to be able to wear them off the clock. I prefer straight leg ankle pants because I can wear them with different shoe styles and height.

Are your winter essentials the same? Let me know in the comments!


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