The Zebra Print Dress + Pony Hair Boots

I have another shopping obsession besides thrifting and it’s renting. Renting clothes it kinda of a new trend in the fashion scene. I say kinda because renting clothes by no means is a new concept. Clothes renting has been around for a while; growing up, what people rented around me was suits for prom. Nowadays, clothes – regular clothes – can be rented for a one-time fee or monthly fee. Rent the Runway (not a sponsored post) might have started this trend (though don’t know if this is factually true) but I have been renting clothes from them a few years now. The first time I used RTR was for my engagement photos, after that I was hooked. Recently, I decided to become a member to since I catch myself browsing their site for hours! I have decided to justify this expense by promising myself to shop less (hehe).

I don’t like layering (think I’ve mentioned this here before) especially now that I’ve gained weight. I find that for me, wearing dresses is the easiest way for me to avoid layers. I fell in love with the print but once I received it, I loved the material. Its a silky lightweight dress that you can probably wear year round. It’s a two-tonal dress but you can’t really tell until you actually see the dress in person. The fit was amazing and I loved that it slimmed me down. I also happened to rent the coat as well – I have a black wool coat but I wanted something more fitted. It happened to be a brutally cold day here on Saturday so I had to wear extra gear to keep warm. I wore leather gloves and this chic (thrifted) beret that made me feel very Parisian chic. The last piece of accessory was this cute thrifted briefcase style purse. It has removable straps but I prefer to wear it with the handle. Its a beautiful vintage bag that is still in great condition.

The boots are a moment. I have purchased exactly three pairs already and have forced myself NOT to go Schutz anymore; better known as the Maryana boot. I honestly should have started this post with the boots because the boots are THE reason why I rented this dress, lol NO SHAME. They photograph amazingly but they are also beautiful IRL. They’re very comfortable and versatile boots. All in All, 10/10. The site actually happens to have a sale right now. Trust, you will not regret it.

Hope you all have a fantastic week.


A.L.C. Dress – found here

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