Welcome Back

Welcome Back Friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I wish you all a prosperous, healthy and happy new year. It’s been a whopping two years since I last posted something on here. I am excited to be back. I wasn’t sure where to begin or what to post as a welcome back party (I had a few ideas in mind) so I will keep it simple.

COVID has really done a number on all of us; especially to my favorite pass time hobby. I gotta be honest with you, I didn’t go to the thrift store all of 2020 because of COVID. I finally returned this year and it has been rough out there. I don’t know if it’s a combination of more people thrifting or maybe people not donating as much but I haven’t been as lucky. I did get lucky with this leather skirt, which if I may do say-so myself, its the perfect mix of vintage and on-trend. The weather in Charlotte has been mild this winter (cold in the AM and warm in the afternoon) it honestly feels like spring. Dressing for this weather isn’t particular fun because you’re dressing for two seasons. That’s why I paired the skirt with this bodysuit – its warm enough to not make want to strip by the end of the day. The top isn’t thrifted, I actually got this one at Marshalls (which I didn’t know sold Free People). To complete this chic look I added these snake print boots I bought on sale on Nordstrom Rack (2020) and a mix-and-match snake print thrifted clutch.

If you’re wanting similar items to this outfit, check out for the skirt here, shoes here, bodysuit here and bag here.

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