ReChycd Returning

Hello Friends!

It’s been a bit over 2 years since I last blogged. At first, I thought I would take some time off but in reality, I knew I was probably going to be gone for longer.

I took a very long sabbatical not because I was tired of blogging but because I became disillusioned with it all. Bloggers/influencers has taken on a new form and it be hard to try to compete or to stay relevant in this field. I became a bit burned out, disappointed and started to developed insecurities within myself. I thought I would take some time off to regroup but the fact is that my passion was dwindling with bouts of self doubt. Of course, I still used social media and I still continued to live my life as usual but more so offline.

With this being said and without getting too mopey on here, for those of you still hear, I will be returning to the blog. Not in the capacity that I was – blogging 3/4x per week but blogging on here and using social. I plan on not only sharing my personal style but hope to share styling, thrift shopping tips and tricks and ReChycing!

I have a relaunching date of January 2022 and I am very excited.

Thank you for tuning in and follow me on social, @rechycd because I am active on social.


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