Leather Skirt + Bubble Sleeves

I’ve started my New Years with the intensity of a thousand knives! LOL ok, I was exaggerating but I have started my New Years resolution working pretty hard. I have been committed to my workouts and working on my eBay store. However, all the multitasking has had me slacking on my blog but I am committed to staying consistent.

Outfit Details

The only item I gifted myself this Christmas, was this Michael Kors fanny pack. I know, these are like completely “outdated” BUT I have been searching for this bag for awhile. I finally found one that I liked and at a reasonable price. I’ll probably wear this for thrift shopping and/or running errands but I couldn’t help myself emulating Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Of course, I emulated it my way because there is no way, I could wear a crop top and skirt like she did because my abs are not chiseled. Instead, I opted for this leather pencil skirt and this bubble sleeve sweater. The perfect fall-like weather winter outfit. The fanny pack and the red lip were the final item that made this outfit pop.

Skirt: Kay Unger, thrifted: $4.00 // Thrifted Total: $4.00

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Happy Fashion – Karla









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