The Culottes

Hey ya’ll! I’m back from a week off. It rained last weekend so I was unable to take photos. However, the weather was great yesterday (Sunday) so I was able to take photos for this week.

Outfit Post

I find the name culottes to be pretty funny; for language reasons, it’s pretty funny. I bought these pretty corduroy culottes at Goodwill, BNWT at Goodwill. Typically these pants are frowned upon to be worn by petite girls like myself but if you wear them right, petite or not, anyone can rock them. One of things to avoid with culottes is ankle straps if you’re petite. They can make you look shorter or in my case, compressed, lol. It’s also best to wear tucked in shirts but in this case, I decided to wear a top that sits right on my hips. I was going to bear booties but I was in no mood to wear socks so I wore these mules. The mules actually pretty looked pretty cool with this out and they were super comfortable. It’s a super casual outfit for Monday but I have also been feeling pretty lazy lately, so there you have it.

Pants: The Limited, thrifted: $4.00 // Top: Vintage No Brand, Thrifted: $4.00 // Total: $8.00









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