Wedding Anniversary + Photos

Today is our 13 years together anniversary and 3 year wedding anniversary. It sounds just as complicated to say to each other, LOL. I don’t want to make this a super cheesy post or a super personal post. My husband is very private and I don’t feature him on the blog because I want to respect his privacy.  WE are actually pretty private about our personal lives, so I’ll share about as much as I feel comfortable with.

Our Story

I’ll keep this love story very short, I promise. My husband and I met in middle school in our seventh grade civic class, a VERY long time ago. We actually disliked each other for very stupid and childish reasons. He had a girlfriend in seventh grade and I liked a different a boy every week. I actually had a crush on my husband BUT my middle school “best friend” had a major crush on him so I, (being the loyal friend I was) immediately stopped liking him ( I think LOL). He disliked me because I was “mean” and “rude” – according to my husband (*eye roll*). We had two classes together and one of those classes, we sat on the SAME TABLE across from each BUT NEVER SPOKE. We didn’t even look each other in the face!

Fast forward to high school. 

We actually did not go to the same high schools, so we are not high school sweethearts.  Since we did not attend the same high schools, we did not see each other until we “met” again four years later at a mutual friend’s party. It just so happened that he and I had the same friends but we weren’t friends. At this party, I went up to speak to him and he had no clue who I was ! *awkward* (insert palm face emoji). I left the party (because curfew) flustered and a little embarrassed but determined to speak to him. I called his best friend at the time ( he was my friend too) asking him to put him on the phone. Confused, his best friend did and after “flirting” on the phone, I got his number. After exchanging a few phone conversations, we began dating and the rest is history.

Proposal + Wedding

My husband proposed in my mother’s living room with the most perfect tear drop ruby gold ring. We were both alone in my mother’s house and it was the most perfect proposal ever. It actually came full circle because that was the same room, my husband asked for my mother’s permission to date me (super strict mother) all those years ago.

We decided that we would get married on our 10th year anniversary. We got married on a Thursday in December with only our immediate family and close friends. It was a super intimate wedding ceremony, followed by a dinner and happy hour. We never wanted a lavish ceremony and we wanted something private with only our immediately family and close friends. We have planned in the future to have a vow renewal ceremony and this time around, have more friends and family in attendance.

Thank you for reading and Happy Monday!

P.S. It rained and snowed ALL weekend, therefore, I don’t have new outfit posts this week. However, I should have new ones next week.

Happy Fashion!


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