Hey loves!  If you are new to my blog Welcome! I’m so excited that you are here. If you’ve been following me for a while, this is just a quick reminder.

Social Media

To keep up with me on a daily basis, follow me on Instagram @rechycd. I don’t use any other platforms because I simply can’t keep up what everything else. In between my full time job and every thing else I have going on, Instagram is the only one I use. I might decide to start sharing on a separate Facebook account. I have family all across the country and outside the country so my original Facebook account is strictly to stay in touch with family.


I’ve been reselling clothes for a while now. I’ve sold clothes on Poshmark for about four years now and eBay from time to time. I’ve accumulated a lot of clothes over the years from thrifting and shopping. Since moving into a small place, I’ve had to donate and gift a lot of clothes. I’ve decided that with the rest of the items that I have left, that I will be reselling. I love vintage pieces and while I will be reselling items that are brand new with tags; I’ll also sell one-of-kind vintage pieces and any other pieces that I deem cool for resale.

On Poshmark, you can find me at @theo_dores and on Instagram, you can keep up with my shop at @rechycd_store. The instagram account will be more to update you all on new pieces and of course, to promote the account. However, on the Instagram account, the link in the bio section will redirect you to the Poshmark app. If you don’t have the APP you can download it on your smartphone and get a $5.00 credit using coupon code THEO_DORES. Once you download the app and use that code, a $5.00 credit will be uploaded to your account. You will also have your own code to share along with friends and family.

DISCLAIMER This IS NOT a paid post from Poshmark or an advertisement.

I am sharing with you all where I’ll be selling in case you happen to fall in love with a piece featured on the blog. I plan on selling directly through my blog. However, for now and until further notice, I will be using Poshmark.

Happy Fashion and Happy Blogging.




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