My Vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag

When my mother migrated to this country, she worked as a cleaning lady to wealthy people. One of the ladies that she worked with, clean her closet out ever so often and she would pass down clothes, shoes etc to my mother. One day when she was spring cleaning, she threw this Louis Vuitton bag in the donate pile. My mother happened to be there that day and the lady pulled the bag out of the donation pile and gave it to my mother. She told my mother that it was a very expensive handbag and that she should keep it. She tried explaining to my mother that it was a luxury item but my mother didn’t quite understand how expensive this bag was.

Fast forward to a few years later, my aunt (which was in a much better financial position than my mother) asked my mother where she bought her bag. My mother told her the story and my aunt told my mother how expensive the bag was. After living in this country for a few years and obtaining a better understanding of luxury items, my mother finally understood what her former employer had tried to explain to her. From then on, my mother took better care of the purse and only wore it on special occasions.

Fast forward to my teenage years, I begged my mother for this bag but she was not having it. My mother treasured this bag dearly and honestly, I understood why. Selfishly however, I wanted the bag so badly. My sister and I would hound my mother for it and even fought over who should get the bag. August 05, 2015 was the day that I graduated from college and that was the day my mother gave me this bag.

This bag means more to me than a simple fashion statement. It means all the struggles that we went through and all the things that my mother went through in order to be able to provide us with a better life in this country. My mother has gone through a lot of ups and down in her life and she rarely was able to buy herself something nice because we simply could not afford it. This bag represented the only nice thing of value that she had as a young mother with three children so I will forever treasure it because it meant to her more than I will ever know.


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