The Jacquard Blazer + The Accordion Maxi Skirt

In my college years,  I was a major American Apparel fan. I remember being obsessed with their skater skirts and high waisted jeans. In Miami they have the regular store on the main strip of the mall but if you walked around the store, you could walk up to their Outlet. I remember spending a good chunk of my paycheck here and splurging during black Friday sales. Over the years, the fever started to wear off and my obsession slowly subsided. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I can’t fit into their clothes any more AND the fact that they no longer have store locations. I don’t want to purchase jeans online to then have to go through the unbearable online return process, ugh. I am still a huge fan of their bodysuits. Nowadays, I’ll stumble across American Apparel items at thrift stores and I gotta say, they’re hard to pass up. I’m sure in LA they finding their items might be very common but I don’t think that’s the case for everywhere else.

Outfit Details

While we are on the subject of thrift stores, this entire outfit (except the shoes) was purchased at Goodwill. I bought this AA skirt at a Goodwill in Miami. I think I’ve owned this skirt for a few years now and I am finally getting around to wearing it. I actually decided that I am going to sell this piece so if you’re interested, it will be available (soon) on my poshmark, username @theo_dores. The skirt is in good condition but I must admit, it feels a little tight on the waist so it’s time to let it go. The skirt is super sheer so undergarments are a must! I checked the AA website and it looks like they no longer sell these, so if you want it, go grab it.

I wanted to create a look with this skirt that you could easily transition from the office-to-cocktail party. I wanted to wear this skirt to work but I wanted it to look office appropriate so I put on this blazer. With my goal in mind of “office-to-cocktail” look, what a better way to achieve this than with a Jacquard blazer. The skirt is a shimmery cream color and the blazer is cream with gold leaves. I wanted to wear a sweater that complemented both the skirt and the blazer alone so that I would be able to remove the blazer for cocktail hour. Truth be told, the blazer is cocktail hour approved. However, my body gets really warm after a few drinks, especially if the heater is blowing. The sweater happens to be a Halston Heritage (Goodwill find) piece and it happens to be shimmery as well so I was a walking disco ball. Since I happen to be wearing everything gold and shimmer, I figure I wear gold heels. I accessorized with a pair of blush/cream chandelier earrings and a vintage beaded clutch.

P.S. Taking photos spinning is NOT as easy it looks LOL.

Skirt: American Apparel: $5.00 // Top: Halston Heritage: $4.00 // Blazer: Premise: $5.00 // Clutch: Vintage No Brand: $2.00 // Thrifted Total: $16.00


American Apparel Accordion Skit, similar here


Halston Heritage Metallic Knitwear Sweater, similar here


Premise Jacquard Metallic Blazer, similar here 




Steve Madden Gold Embellished Pointed Toe Heels, similar here




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