Desert Dry Skin

Hey there beauties! I am going to start talking about different things on the blog besides fashion. I am trying to blog at least 4x a week but of course I need more content. I’ll try to come up with a catchy segment name so stay tuned. I will not be talking about skincare or makeup exclusively, this is not a makeup blog and I absolutely do not love makeup enough to talk about it (don’t expect makeup tutorials, I am not video confident lol).

Let’s talk about my journey and discovery of – SKINCARE. I had mentioned in another post that I learned how to apply makeup when I was 22. It all started with Youtube Makeup tutorials (thank God!). I wasn’t terrible at it but let’s just say, I didn’t apply bronzer or blush. LIKE. EVER. I actually only used makeup for special occasions. Now that we’ve covered how terrible I was at makeup, let’s talk skin care.

I didn’t even know what skincare was. I didn’t even use face wash until I was 23-ish? I’m almost certain that the only reason why I even started to care was because of a magazine article or Youtube tutorial…? The only reason why I started caring so much was because of my dark circles and DRY skin. The dark circles were a hamster wheel issue – I was in college so sleep wasn’t a thing. The dry skin I discovered because one winter day ( 50 degrees is winter in Miami) I noticed a white beard around my chin and cheeks. That’s when I noticed that I had DRY SKIN. I immediately ran to Macys and purchased an exfoliator and a moisturizer.


Today, I am still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. However, I have a routine that seems to be working. I workout 5x a week and with dry skin this means that I can only use a face wash once a day. I have found that many soaps no matter how “mild” they are, they can dry out my skin.

Night time Care: I wash my face at night with a mild face wash and this one seems to be working Dove DermaSeries Dry Skin. I then follow with a night oil, currently I am sampling this Khiels Midnight Recovery oil, that I LOVE but I can’t afford. I’m also currently sampling Laneige eye sleeping mask and I LOVE IT. I have been using this one for a month and I can definitely see an improvemet.

Day time care: I don’t use makeup every day. I usually wear it more during fall and winter because I like the extra level of moisture and lets be honest, I can use the color. In the AM, I simply splash my face with COLD water and pat dry. I then apply a toner and and I pat it into my skin. After the toner has set into my skin, I rub argan oil. I’ve been using the Physicians Formula Argan Oil; again, I pat it into my skin and I let it sit for a few minutes. I finish it with  Belif, The True Cream Aqua bomb moisturizer, I pat this into my skin.

I exfoliate once a week depending on how bad my skin is. My HOLY GRAIL exfoliator is the OLENHENRIKSEN sugar mask! I bought this on a whim at Marshalls one day because it was on sale and boy was it worth the $14.99 I paid. After I used it I realized how amazing this product was and I immediately log onto Sephora. The bottle lasted about 4 months or so because a little goes a long way. It leaves your skin soft and smooth and any face product that you apply with sink into your skin smoothly. I can’t say enough good things about this product.

This post is totally NOT sponsored and these are just the tips and tricks that work for me. This post is entirely too long now so I’ll stop here.

Let me know if the comment section what tip and tricks you have or what has been your journey with skincare. Do you have one? Let me know.




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