Double Breasted Blazer + “Mom” Jeans

My husband is not a fan of this jean style and I’m completely in love. “Mom” jeans are totally flattering and fashionable – don’t get it twisted. I actually bought these jeans at the Goodwill outlet for $1.39 but unfortunately, they had a hole right in between the but hole area.  One night scrolling through instagram I came across a pair that had been distressed like these and I immediately wanted a pair. However, after a few google searches I realized that these were redone. Of course, because of the “Kardashian effect” these were soon available in a shitload of websites, here and here. Since I am a DIY’er myself, I told myself that I would try to make myself a pair before I shelled out the cash. These are my interpretation of them but I will be honest, I did not 100% love the look so I think I’ll be buying a pair, hehe ^_^ . If you want to distress a pair yourself, google search “how to distress jeans” and you will find tons of tutorials that will teach you how to try it. I suggest you start with a pair you don’t mind “testing” it on BEFORE you do it on a pair you love.

Outfit Details

It’s no secret that this fall season “on trend” item is the suit. There are suits EVERYWHERE and almost EVERY celeb out there is rocking a suit, blazer, trousers, etc. I for one, have always owned suits (for work) blazers and trousers, so this has been a super easy thing for me to replicate. I also own multiple blazers because I personally love a good blazer but I have been falling more and more in love with the double breasted blazer. I know most people think of the mafia when they think of the double breasted blazer but there’s something so cool about them. Which is probably one of the reasons why the mafiosos wore these. I was actually at an H&M the first time I saw them at fast fashion shop and when I pulled the blazer out of the rack, I almost fainted! It was marked for $80-ish dollars? I can’t remember but I scuffed at the idea. Do you know how many of these are just WAITING at your nearest thrift store to be taken home!? I did what I do best. I went to my local thrift store and there. it. was. This beauty was hanging on the coats/blazers sections for a cool $4.00. The blazer is in impeccable condition and sure, this might be a decade old but you can’t tell.

Since it’s casual Friday I knew I wanted something laid back but chic to wear so I pulled these two pieces together. I originally was going to wear a white long sleeve top but it’s pretty chilly outside so I stuck to a long sleeve bodysuit which was warmer. Keeping my height in mind, I opted for a pair of heels but you know I do the most sometimes so leopard heels it was. I’m trying this new thing where I try to style my hair more, so here you go. A half up/half down do that took me back to my middle school days with my heart bamboo hoops.


Levis 550 Vintage Jeans, similar here
Gap Cotton Long Sleeve Bodysuit, similar here


Talbots Double Breasted Blazer, similar here




Steve Madden Leopard heels, similar here



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