Floral Baroque Shirtdress

It’s been six months since my last post. It’s not for the lack of content but more so because I lose interest in things fairly easily. I am working on that. Instead of 5 outfit posts a week, I’ll start with 3.  Either way, I am going to start being a little more committed to my blog because I honestly do love it.

A quick recap of my summer: I did a little less thrifting this summer, I took a summer trip back home, I moved and have a smaller closet (which is why I’ve been thrifting less) and I’ve been working out consistently.

Outfit Details

We’ve all seen those fancy silk baroque Versace dresses, that are just too darn expensive for us normal folk to purchase. Luckily for me, I found this gem of a beauty at Goodwill for $5.00. After I purchased it I felt like I was walking out of Neiman Marcus. Of course this isn’t Versace or Gucci, it’s a 1980’s brand that no longer exists. This is why I love thrift stores ! The place where hidden treasures lie waiting for someone like me to come rescue it. I would like to think that the person that owned this rocked it as much as I’m about too. I honestly felt like Bruno Mars in 24k Magic lol.

I kept the styling of this outfit simple since the dress is the piece that I wanted to take center stage. The dress did not include the original belt but I added this gold link belt. The unexpected twist here? The coat. Honestly, this was not planned but it was cold out so I threw it on and I’m glad I did.


Ann Taylor Plaid Wool Coat, Similar here




Baroque Dress, similar here
Baroque Dress, similar here




Baroque Dress, Similar here






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