Halloween 2017: Frankenstein Monster + Bride of Frankenstein

My throw back Thursday Post today is to a very late post – #tbt #lp. We were the Frankensteins this year, Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein Monster (husband) and Dr. Frankenstein (Sir. Teddy).

I am HUGE on Halloween and I go BIG. I love wearing costumes and recreating some of my favorite childhood and adulthood characters. I decided to begin with Frankenstein because I fell in love with this character back in middle school. I love old black and white films but I have a special love affair with dark/horror black and white films. I’ve never been able to really document all of my costumes but I am going to start documenting them moving forward. As much as love Halloween, I will admit that it can get expensive. Costumes are not cheap and while the thrift store does offer some great prices, you can’t really get good adult costumes. Goodwill is definitely the place to check out for kids costumes but you if you are looking for yourself, you might have to go the creative route. I don’t mind going the DIY route because fortunately enough for me, I was taught how to sew at a very early age and I can work my way around creating/cutting/sewing etc.

This costume was very much DIY – the dogs costume, the make-up on my husband and my entire costume (except the wig of course).

Costume Total : $40.00 

  • Fabric for Wedding Dress
  • Black strap for Dogs Costume
  • Makeup and Props
  • Bride of Frankenstein Wig

The costume that took the most time to make was the wedding dress; took me about a week to make, sewing bits and pieces in the evening after work. I bought two white bedding sheets from Goodwill ($2.99 each) and used an old t-shirt as the base for the costume. I used shoulder pads to create those square/boxy shoulders and sewed the bedding sheets onto the shoulder pads and the t-shirt. As you can imagine these were two very large bedding sheets so I ended up cutting them at the bottom, I hemmed the dress at the bottom and the remaining fabric was used to create the arm gauze and Sir. Teddy’s costume. The dogs costume was very easy to make, I grabbed one of his coats to outline the shape and size of his costume, once I did that, I ironed on the strap and sewed on a button on it for closure. Frankenstein Monster’s costume was the easiest to do. All my husband did was wear a pair of black jeans, black shirt and black shoes. We glued the props on his neck and I did our makeup. The big expense here was the wig because I wasn’t about to hairspray my hair and use a temporary hair dye, so I purchased the wig at Target.

And yes, I already have 2018 costumes in the works 🙂


The Real Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein Monster.
Frankenstein Monster, Bride of Frankenstein and Dr. Frankenstein







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