The Houndstooth Dress

Whenever I travel to a new city/town, I love to checkout the local thrift stores. When I went to Los Angeles last year, I stopped by a Goodwill in Hollywood and the American Apparel Flea Market, located in the same building as their manufacturing site. I felt like a child in a candy store because I love American Apparel and unfortunately, Charlotte does not have one. One of the pieces that I purchased there that day was this textured houndstooth dress, (sold out now) featured here. This is one of those timeless and versatile pieces that I will definitely remain in my closet for a few more years.

Outfit Details

I was inspired again by Mindy Lahiri from “The Mindy Project” with this outfit. Mindy wore a lot of shirts underneath her dresses that were different patterns, colors and textures and I really liked how her outfits turned out. When I decided to wear this outfit to work, I realized that I was going to need a shirt underneath it in order to make it more work appropriate. On a side note,  I wore black tights with this outfit to really make it work appropriate. I tried on several shirts but this Ann Taylor Peter Pan Pearl Collar was the best option for this out. It really stood out from just another plain white shirt. I threw on this beautiful Diane von Furstenberg coat I purchased on Poshmark for $30.00, my Steve Madden pointed black heels and a black purse to match.

Thrifted items: Purse, Vintage NO Brand, purchased at local thrift: $5.00












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