Chunky Turtleneck + OTK Boots + Oversized Coat

One of the toughest things about moving to a new city is finding services you normally already have a personal relationship with. For example, it took me MONTHS to find a dry cleaners I loved. I am currently on the toughest search yet, finding a new general practitioner AND a trusted shoe cleaner. My husband pointed out to me that these boots might need a cleaning. I rolled my eyes when he said it because he’s right but I don’t want start the task of finding a trusted shoe cleaner and I don’t want to be away from these boots for too long because they are on my winter rotation!

Outfit Details

This has been one of my go-to sweaters this season and for good reason. It has the perfect amount of fabric, warmth, versatility and the neck has so much fabric I don’t have to use a scarf. I love how I have been able to dress it up and down without it looking like just another sweater. This time, I wore it with a pair of brand new leggings I purchased at Ann Taylor and these are going be a favorite. They have the right amount of elasticity which makes them perfect for the buffet, LOL.  One of my favorite tricks to make me appear taller is by wearing leggings and black OTK boots. This combination instantly elongates my frame making my appear 5’10 – not really but it definitely gives the illusion of longer legs. I kept warm by wearing my MaxMara 101801 Icon black wool cashmere coat, my vintage quilted purse, velvet houndstooth gloves and crochet beanie.

Sweater: H&M Chunky Sweater, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Leggings: Ann Taylor $25.00 / OTK Boots: Steve Madden / Coat: MaxMara 101801 Icon Wool Cashmere Coat, purchased at Goodwill: $8.00 / Clutch: Vintage No Brand, purchased at GW: $2.00 / Gloves: Cejon / Outfit total: $38.00



Cejon Houndstooth Velvet Gloves, available here
H&M Chunky Turtleneck Sweater, similar here


Vintage Quilted Clutch, similar here  and Ann Taylor Scuba Leggings, available here
Crochet Beanie NO brand, similar here



MaxMara 101801 Icon Wool Cashmere Coat, similar here



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