Victoria Beckham x Target Fuchsia Pants + Tweed Jacket

This is the second time I feature these pants for the blog and I am shooting for three so that I may feature them on my THREEMIX segment. I try to get the most out of purchases and I like to wear them at least three times and styled differently. I will admit, these pants are not the best quality and I think the next time I wear them, I will be retiring them. The inner thigh fabric is beginning to wear out and that is not a good look. This is a bit disappointing considering the pants are not even a year old and have only been worn a handful of times.

Outfit Details

Considering we are running on the Christmas high, I wanted one last outfit to celebrate the ending of the season with lots of vibrant colors. Usually when you think of winter, you don’t think pink, green and blue unless you’re decorating your Christmas tree. However, I LOVE color and wearing dark colors all season long are a bit of a bore to me. Once I pulled this blazer out of my closet, I knew that I wanted this outfit to be a complete standout from the sea of dark shades. That is why I decided to wear the Victoria Beckham x Target Fuchsia pants with my metallic blue heels that perfectly matched the blazer. In order to avoid a color clash I kept my accessories “matchy matchy” by wearing my brand spanking used, newly thrifted Kate Spade quilted purse and a pair of fuchsia bedazzling earrings.

Side Note: Finding a similar jacket at an affordable price was nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

Pants: Victoria Beckham x Target Collaboriation, $35.00 / Blazer: No Brand, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Shoes: Rock & Republic, $15.00 / Purse: Kate Spade Quilted Handbag, purchased at Goodwill: $9.00 / Outfit total: $63.00




Victoria Beckham x Target Fuchsia Pants, available on Ebay
Pink Bedazzled Earrings, available here


Vintage No Brand Jacket, similar here


Kate Spade Quilted Purse, similar here


Rock & Republic Metallic Blue Heels, similar here



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    1. I know! I was shocked that they only charged me $8.99 for the bag BUT $25 for the shoes ( I also purchased a pair of Kate Spade Heels that day).

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