Tie Knot Top + Velvet Booties +Shearling Jacket = Weekend Wear

I’m a total 2000s teenager but I totally remember the ’90s and the fashion. I have photos to prove the “jumpers” or “overalls”, the baggy jeans and plaid shirts wrapped around my waist. The tie-knot tops, high-waisted jeans, shorts, platform shoes, crop tops, bleached jeans, baggy jeans, plaid t-shirts, ripped (Guess? + Calvin jeans) jeans and my beloved white reeboks! I partook in several of the fashions “faux-pas” that are making a comeback. This look is inspired by the nineties with a modern twist.

Outfit Details

I came across this top at my favorite Goodwill and I immediately began to reminisce my childhood. I remember wanting to so bad to wear this top when I was a child but my mother was not having it. I put this top in my shopping cart without thinking twice. I knew I wanted the 90’s “it” girl look without looking t0o “90-ish” so I paired the top with my favorite skinny jeans and my velvet booties; s/n I am obsessed with blue velvet lately. Since the weather has been unforgiving, I threw on my shearling jacket that I also purchased at Goodwill. It’s a beautiful Guess soft leather and “furry” fabric jacket that was worth the $5.00 I paid for; the thrift store was having half off all clothes, so originally it was priced at $10.00.

Top: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Jeans: Gap, clearance sale: $7.99 / Shoes: Shoedazzle, $25.00 / Jacket: Guess, purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 / Outfit Total: $41.99




Guess Shearling Leather Jacket, similar here
Tommy Hilfiger Tie Knot Long Sleeve Shirt, similar here


Shoedazzle Velvet Navy Booties, similar here




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