Plaid Blazer + Oxford Heels

Fridays. The day the weekend begins and we if we are lucky, maybe even a little richer. Luckily enough, my employer allows us to wear denim on Fridays and that is major, considering my  last employer did not. Although Fridays are usually the days when people decide to dress down, I use this as an opportunity to be a bit more creative with my denim. After all, I usually end up wearing them once a week.

Outfit Details 

Plaid is all the rage this season and for good reason. It’s the perfect pattern for fall ( aside from houndstooth) because when you think of plaid, you usually think of wool and flannel shirts. I snagged this beautiful Talbots jacket with velvet padded elbows at Goodwill for a mere $3.99. It’s the perfect fall piece because it’s a versatile item and “layer-able”. I wanted the blazer to really stand-out so I paired with a comfy oversized sweater, a pair of jeans and THE cutest oxford heels (also thrifted BRAND NEW).

Blazer: Talbots, thrifted at Goodwill, $4.00 / Sweater: Gap, purchased at Goodwill, $4.00 / Jeans: Gap, purchased at, Clearance Sale $7.99 / Shoes: Poetic License, purchased at Goodwill, $4.00 / Bag: Vintage, No brand listed, purchased at Goodwill: $2.99 / Outfit total: $22.98





Poetic License, or you can find similar, here
Talbots elbow patch blazer, similar here
Vintage Clutch, no brand
Gap Jeans


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