Mini Skirts

The days of short shorts, tank tops and mini skirts is fast approaching. Since it has been pretty hot in my area, I have already been sporting plenty or shorts and mini’s. I bought this mini skirt at a thrift store last year and I have worn it a few times. I like the fact that this skirt is linen(ish) so it is the perfect skirt for summer. I hope I can wear it at least one last time since the skirt is starting to fit me large at the waist.

Outfit Details

The shirt that I wore with this skirt is chiffon like/sheer like material so it was the perfect shirt for this skirt. I added the shoes for color contrast and a black clutch just to keep it simple. The one thing I love about this outfit? The skirt, shirt and clutch were both lucky Goodwill finds :).

Outfit Total (Thrifted items): $10.50

  • Skirt: $2.50
  • Shirt: $3.00
  • Clutch: $5.00

Happy Fashion,


Top: Unbranded
Bag: Bally // Shoes: Candies
Skirt: Forever 21



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