Viernes Culturales ( Cultural Friday’s)

Hey loves! As you all may or may not know, I am from Miami, Florida and I love my city dearly. Part of growing up in Miami ( besides the beaches) is the exposure to different latin american cuisines, music and culture.I myself am from Latin America , I am from a Honduras, a country located in Central America. Every last Friday of every month, Calle Ocho which is an avenue (a very long one) located in Little Havana, a predominately Cuban neighborhood, hosts a street festival called Viernes Culturales or Cultural Friday’s where street vendors, musicians and restaurants step out of their enclaves to bring food, music and local souvenirs to locals and tourists. On the same strip, there’s a Dominos park, an ice cream shop, an old school jazz bar ( made new school), a theater and plenty of cigar shops that are all reminiscent of old Cuba. While Calle Ocho is a long avenue, the event is held within a 4 block radius, so you are able to enjoy everything that is offered that evening. Here are some wonderful pictures I took for you all to enjoy. If you ever happen to be in Miami on the last Friday of the month, don’t forget to stop by Calle Ocho in Little Havana. Happy Sunday, Karla.

Paella, a Spanish rice and seafood dish and Maduros ( sweet plantains).
Flamenco dancers
Ball & Chain, a Jazz Bar.
Azucar Ice Cream Company, best ice cream shop in Miami, hands down.
Posing in front of Azucar.
Next to a delicious Cuban bakery
Tower Theater
The best of both worlds, Azucar Ice Cream & a Gurkha Cigar


The man behind the lens, my Half-Cuban boyfriend enjoying a cigar with that guy 🙂
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