The $1.00 dollar Wool Coat

So, I basically live in thrift stores. At my local thrift store, everyone and I mean everyone in the store knows me as the frequent buyer. I drive around this city looking for the best thrift stores and I do not shy away from the most “suspect” looking shops. I love bargain shopping and I am not afraid to dig in. Back in November, our local church hosted a “Carnival” ( more like a fair) and every year they have a used clothing store. The prices range from $1.00 – $5.00, depending on the item that you are purchasing. Of course, this is the first place I checkout before I even stuff myself with elephant ears, cotton candy and the local cuisine. When I stepped in I saw the usual, shoes, shirts, dresses etc… I noticed that they had a sign that read ” Wall items $1.00″ racks “$2.00”. I dove right into the “wall section” where of course everything was one dollar. As I looked through the racks of clothing hanging on the wall, I noticed this camel wool coat hanging. I immediately pulled it out ( my heart might have stopped beating for a few seconds) and tried it on. It fit exactly how I had wanted it! I checked it for stains, smells, defects and knew right away it was MINE. As I went to check out, I still could not believe that one of falls “it” item was going to be in my closet, for a whopping $1.00! As you can see, yes, thrift store shoppings does pay off.

Happy Fashion.


Purse: H&M
Scarf: Merona by Target
Coat: No Brand // Shoes: Just Fab


Top: Banana Republic // Jeans: H&M

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