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Hello Loves!

Winter is officially here! While I know that most of you have already been covered in snow, you are probably reading this and saying, “Is she serious?!” But, serious I am being in deed. The first day of Winter was yesterday and I must say that for us South Floridians the weather was actually warm compared to the last few days ( it’s been “nippy” and/or chilly here). Many of you might and might not know that it doesn’t really get cold here in Miami or South Florida for that matter. Our winters are EXTREMELY mild and some might even say we don’t get winter at all, which in all honesty is very true. The draw back about having to live somewhere warm is that you do not get to see snow ( ever ) and if you’re into fashion, you’ll never be able to bundle up and look fabulous. I promise though, I am not complaining. I have seen snow – don’t care for it and I can only handle so much cold; 50 degrees to be exact. So, with this being said, my fashion looks for winter will most likely be different than most bloggers and at times, you might think it’s summer/spring wear instead of winter wear ( gotta work with what I have). However, I am going to make it my mission to provide you with as many as “winter fashion” looks as possible.

The outfit:

Ok, the shoes are part of my Christmas present and as I mentioned in my previous post, I DO NOT do gift wrapping. Instead, as soon as the FedEx guy left, I ripped the bag open and wore my shoes immediately ( talk about being impatient!). During the day, I rocked the shoes with a pair of jeans, a black top, a black blazer and my blush colored bag. Since I was going to be out all day, I wanted an outfit that I could easily transition for an early Christmas dinner. The dinner was very casual and laid back, so I knew I could get away with this look. The only think I swapped out was my purse for the black clutch. The shoes were the talk of the evening I must add. They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. I had been craving for the Valentino’s original version ( see here ) for a while now but I can’t fork out $1000 for a pair. These however, fit the bill perfectly – they looked like the Valentino’s without the Valentino price tag.

Total Cost of Outfit: $88.50 ( not including Handbag).

  • Top: $4.00
  • Jeans: $12.00
  • Blazer: Gift
  • Shoes: $70.00
  • Clutch: $2.50
  • Purse: (old) $140.00

Happy Fashion.


Top: Ann Taylor // Purchased at Goodwill
Blazer: H&M
Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans
Totally caught off guard! Purse: Coach // Purchased at
Shoes: BCBG Paris Dorran Paris Pump// Purchased at




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