Sometimes, you just gotta let the shoes do all the talking

Top: Mango
Pants: Gap Outlet, “Ultra Skinny”

My boyfriend and I have VERY different taste. His style is very subtle, “tranquil” with a hint of color. That is the best way I can describe his style, lol. Mine, it’s more like all over the place. I do not stick to one color, trend, shade, style “type”; I just go with whatever mood I happy to be on that particular day.

Every night, I prep my clothes for the next day because this saves me a lot of time in the morning. I normally try things on, to make sure they fit or look like how I want it too ( since I plan outfits in my head, sometime it looks better in my head loll). I walked out of the closet and I ask my boyfriend ( expect a reaffirmation that the outfit is ok for work) “What do you think aboutthis for work tomorrow?” Now, I only asked because I like his second opinion when it comes to work. I work at a real estate office and although it is usually only me in the office, I want to make sure that my outfit isn’t “too much” for work, since I can get carried away sometimes, lol lol. He looked at me from head to toe and said, “the shoes are too much; it looks like you’re going out, out” ( his words I promise) Man was I disappointed for half a second. I then replied, ” the shirt is appropriate and so  the shirt, I’m wearing the darn shoes.” He then said, “well, I think the shoes are too much.” As I walked away, I turned and said, ” sometimes, you just have to let the shoes do all the talking.” Ha! I wore the darn shoes and the necklace to boot. It was a casual Thursday, the day before Halloween if I may add, why not?

Total Cost of this outfit: $258

  • Top $11.00 (On Sale)
  • Pants $25.00 (On Sale)
  • Shoes $82.00 (On Sale)
  • Bag $140 (On Sale)*
Shoes: Steve Madden Bag: Coach

*keep in mind I bought this bag about 2 to 3 years ago.

Happy Fashion.



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