Ok, so today was a rather strange day. We got “fall” like weather in Miami and I must admit, I was one happy camper. Finally, we have opened our doors to a cool breeze, very low humidity and a “feather weight” chill. It was perfect.

Since the weather was soooo lovely today, the weather inspired my outfit. I decided to sport these black legging jeans from the gap, liquid chunky boots from the gap and a green top I bought at my local Marshall’s. The outfit was cool enough for the breeze but light enough for the heat. If there is one amazing things about this city, is that you need to learn how to dress for it. Our winters are extremely mild (snowbirds don’t even call them winters) and our summers are very hot. I topped this look by picking up my hair and a bold oxford blood lip. I wanted my outfit to represent the dark colors of fall.

Outfit Details

Boots @ Gap

Legging Jeans @ Gap

Shirt @ Marshalls

Happy Fashion.


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