Hello Summer!


So it’s been a while and I’ve been around.

I have completely changed my blog and in doing so, I’ve decided that I will bog about my style. Fashion is my number one love and I am clothes obsessed. Since I will never walk a run way show and maybe even never attend one, I will live vicariously through my blog. I know before I blogged about my writing ( which I am still writing poetry) and photos I took, but I will instead do what I love most as I said before.

Moving onto fun stuff – I wore this outfit to my first styling event. I was the host and decided to wear something fun and simple, since it was all about my customers and not me. I love denim as much as love chocolate (ha ha ha ha). Denim is such a staple piece it can paired with anything and there is no possible way you’ll look bad. It’s like the color black (or white) it goes with anything and it looks great on anyone.

The shoes were just another piece I added to this outfit just to make it more fun and the bag, well what girl doesn’t have (or need) an oversized tote to carry their life in?

– Happy Fashion


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