Sweater Maxi Skirt + Chunky Knit Sweater.

Hey ! I have been a bit MIA, took some unintentional days off. I have simply gotten busy and in need of rest. I also celebrated a birthday last week, so happy 34th to me! It was a chill day – it was cold and rainy so it was the perfect day to slow down.

This week, I am starting the week with this super chic skirt I bought at goodwill. At first, I was a bit confused because it has buttons on the back but once I put it on, I was sold. It’s actually pretty perfect for spring since it isn’t too warm. I wanted a full on pink outfit so I went monochromatic. The sweater was actually perfect since its been really chilly and windy around here. The mules were really for comfort and the clutch was perfect for brunch with friends.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Monday!



Classic Camel Coat + Knee High Boots

The classic camel coat – this timeless piece should be a staple in everyone’s closet. Truthfully, I have been shopping for the perfect camel coat for years! I have found the coat that I am lusting for but its completely out of my budget – MaxMara $3K; yikes! For now, I have rent the runway and plan on renting every camel coat available. This was a nice coat but boy, the fit was strange to say the least. The arms were TIGHT – it gave me robot arms. The cut/style of the coat was beautiful, I loved the structured look and the exaggerated shoulders. Unfortunately, the robot arms were a huge fails so I wasn’t able to wear it for more than just the pics. The search continues…

I don’t think I have debuted these boots on the blog yet so here they are! I LOVE these boots soooo much! They are fierce and are perfect year-round (ok, maybe not summer) and can worn up or down. I was going for casual Friday’s at work look so I mixed the boots, button-up and coat. Of course, can’t do casual Friday’s without jeans, so jeans it was.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!



Vintage Fur Coat + Snake on Snake Print

Ssssssseriously into this pattern mixing and fur coat {see what i did there?} LOL. This was something I threw together a few weeks ago and I loved it. I originally thought I would wear this to a concert I had this weekend but changed my mind. It was such a low-key cool girl vibe outfit. It was cold out (still is) and I wanted a something to really make this outfit pop. I thought I wanted to wear a leather jacket but then I remembered I actually donated my leather jacket, so this was the next best thing. It gave the outfit that cool city girl vibe.

P.S. the coat is thrifted.

Ya’ll stay safe out there,



Turtleneck Dress + Duster Coat

Orange you glad I posted today? LOL. Hey Loves, I know I skipped Wednesday – sorry, I need to get better organized.

Here’s a super cute sweater dress I rented from RTR a few weeks ago, that I am super obsessed about. I am a bit self conscious about the weight that I put on since Covid so body-con dresses are not my best friend. However, this dress was just too perfect to pass up. Everything about this dress was just perfect; the neck, the material, the pop of color and the slit. My husband LOVED this dress on me. I did wear a light coat to keep warm since its that time of year when we get all seasons in one day. I originally planned on wearing boots with this dress but the ankle straps looked so much better. I am here for the thigh moment !

Outfit Details: Dress, here | Shoes, similar, here | Coat, similar here.



Spring has Sprung


In case you haven’t noticed; I was gone for almost two weeks. Life sometimes gets in a way of things and life certainly got in the way. I have had two crazy and exhausting weeks. Work has been incredibly busy and so has my personal life. I have also been in a funk all last week because I got my hair done and it didn’t go as planned. I LOVE my hair and take very good care of it but the trip to the salon did not go as planned. I don’t even want to spend another second talking about because I get sad all of over again. Luckliy, I have a lot of outfit content that should last me for a least 2/3 weeks until I can figure out what to do with my hair (side note, I have been trying to find a stylist that can give me a deva cut but no luck yet ;< ). Any way, I’ll let ya’ll know once the post-bleach disaster looks make an appearance on the blog.

On to more happy things. It is FINALLY spring and I couldn’t be happier. It’s also the start of Aries season and my birthday is coming up, so I have lots to be excited about. I wanted to kick off the season with lots of bright colors so here’s this outfit. It’s an RTR Kate Spade Dress and it screams twee-chic. I did feel like I was emulating Zooey Deschanel in this, LOL. Of course, spring doesn’t necessarily mean warm weather so I can’t entirely put my coats away. But I did pull this cute Banana Republic coat that I happened to have thrifted from Poshmark a few years back. I finished the look with my pink Coach bag and Schutz shoes.

Outfit Details: Dress, here | Coat similar here | Shoes, here | Bag, similar here.



Striped Glitter Dress

The last of the striped series and I am taking a break from this series.

This was a must-have rental. I actually got luck with this rental because it was last one left in my size. I am so glad that I rented it because it really is a beautiful dress. It was the perfect dress for a day date but can easily be worn for an evening event too. The dress was light enough to not feel heavy but warm enough for 50 degree weather. The material and the colors on this dress were vibrant and I cannot stress enough how pretty this piece was. I kept it simple by wearing these pink mules and a patent leather bag.

Spring is around the corner and I am ready to switch up my color palette.

Outfit Details: Dress, Here | Shoes, Here



Striped Knit Sweater + Ankle Jeans

Chunky sweater have an absolute special place in my heart. They’re cozy, soft and its like wearing a blanket out in public. I rented this sweater because it looked so cozy on the site and it did not disappoint. It was really warm and cozy and the perfect piece to wear on those extra chilly days.

I wore the sweater out for a lunch date with my husband on a sunny cool Saturday afternoon. We were on our way to have burgers so I wanted something comfy and roomy (for the inevitable bloating LOL) and this outfit was perfect. The sweater is a tad long on my small frame so in order to balance the length, I wore heels to avoid looking smaller than what I actually am.

The jeans are part of my Levis haul from late last year – i bought several styles and length. These by far have been my favorite because the length is 26” so they sit right above my ankles and they go great with mules, heels and heeled sandals. The color is also amazing and I look forward to wearing these all spring/summer long.

Outfit Details: Sweater Here | Jeans Here | Shoes Here

Hope you are all having a fantastic week.



Stripes On Stripes

Stripe Series loading…

Stripes can be intimidating to some people because of the old, ”they make you look bigger.” But this is simply not true. I am not a huge stripes person, I’ll admit but I do the enjoy the print from time to time. I bought this skirt from Goodwill a few years ago and what I liked about the skirt was the cut and fabric. I’ve worn the skirt several times with different sweaters but I was feeling a bit daring so I decided to wear a mixed-matched stripes top. I wasn’t planning on wearing the beret but I couldn’t resist; its either giving mime or Parisian chic, you decide, lol. The top is from RTR, the bag was thrifted and the skirt was thrifted; a super chic and affordable outfit.

Outfit Details: Skirt, similar here | Top Here |



Houndstooth Coat + Half Zip Sweater

Here’s this coat once again! I rented this coat again because I could not resist renting it one more time. The weather is turning around here so its getting a bit too warm for thick coats. I am hoping we are at the tail end of freezing temps.

Since I subscribed to Rent The Runway, I decided to not buy coats this season and instead invests in sweaters. I usually buy all my sweaters at Goodwill or Marshalls; this is one is from Marshalls. I have been in need of chunky seaters because as much as I hate to admit it, I think I am getting used to the cooler temps. I find that coats are great for those freezing temps but I find myself reaching for sweaters for milder days. I wore the coat with my go-to Levi’s jeans and Rag and bone booties. The rose colored sweater with the grey jeans blended great with the coat. A simple, weekend outfit.

Outfit Details: Sweater, similar Here | Jeans Here | Coat Here



Houndstooth Pants + Furry Top

Outfit three of the houndstooth series.

Furry tops are so comfy; especially when the weather is in between summer/fall or winter/spring. It’s that awkward time of year when we step out wearing winter but finish the taking all the layers off. This is a thrifted Zara top that I was lucky enough to find at Goodwill a few months back for a cool $4.00. There is a small window of time that I can wear and the time is now. I have only worn this top once but I look forward to wearing at least 3x before it gets too warm out. The pants were rented from RTR and I was excited to order these because of the subtle bell bottom. Unfortunately, I ordered them in a size too big so they didn’t sit quite as expected. Either way, I made the most of it. I kept this outfit simple by wearing black accessories; a mini bag and ankle heels.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Outfit Details: Pants Here | Top, similar here



T H R E E M I X: Levi’s Jeans

I’m excited to be bringing this segment back. Threemix is a series I created where I showcase one item styled in three (or more) ways. If the rich and famous have taught us anything is that rewearing clothes is a major faux-pas. However, for the common every day folks, this just isn’t possible nor affordable. I love rewearing and restyling clothes; its the easiest way to make any outfit feel new. The best way to save money is when you shop your closet. Shopping your closet means, looking at your clothes and giving them new life by styling them differently.

For my first THREEMIX feature back, I have these Levis jeans. I am normally a skinny jeans or wide legged jeans person but I have been wanting to try different denim styles. I bought these in an attempt to change my look and to try something outside of my comfort level. Overall, I like the style of the jeans – not a fan of how they look on my rearend but I do like the style and versatility of them.


Houndstooth Jacket and Levi Jeans

Happy Valentines Day!

The post is a bit late and that is because I fell off the organized wagon. I had a few things on my to-do list and kinda let this slip through the cracks. Ya’ll blogging consistently isn’t easy 😅.

I am kinda excited about this post because this has to be like the 5th time I wear these jeans. I use to have a Threemix segment that I think I am bringing back. It’s basically, when I have worn an item 3 or more times styled differently. Stay tuned for that.

I actually rented this jacket thinking it would look great with a skirt I had only to not like how it looked. I did wear this to wear with a pair of work slacks and I looked sharp. However, I wanted to wear it on the weekend with a more relaxed look. The sleeves are a bit structured which is what I loved about this jacket. It also sits right at the waist which ideally makes it perfect to wear with high waisted jeans for a more chic look. The jacket was surprisingly warm so I wore a short sleeve cashmere jacket (it was actually 60 out that day) and my go-to winter booties.

Outfit Details: Jacket Here | Jeans Here | Booties, similar, Here | Handbag Here



Houndstooth + Houndstooth

Houndstooth Series.

Houndstooth is a favorite pattern of mine. I love the jagged edges of the pattern and how sharp they can make an item look. For this first outfit in the series, I wanted to wear houndstooth on houndstooth because why not. The trick to mixing patterns (of the same pattern) is wear different sizes of the pattern and colors. The coat has the same pattern in different sizes in the same color and the pants are about the same size of one of the sizes on the coat and the gloves are a complete different color. The sweater is a very pretty fuzzy material with exaggerated shoulders. I tried to capture a picture of the shoulder but truth be told, it was exceptionally cold on this day and I did not want to remove my coat. I accessories with a red lip, black shoes and a black bag.

Outfit Details: Pants, similar Here | Coat Here | Sweater, similar Here |

Have a nice weekend everyone!



Bell Sleeve Sweater + Straight Ankle Jeans

I have been on a search for the perfect pair of jeans. My quest started with trying out different lengths. I am 5’4-ish and have the hardest time finding jeans that aren’t too long. I also have thick calves and thighs to match, so finding a pair that I can get into can be tricky. For years, my go-to has been skinny jeans but I miss wearing real denim. The type that you struggle to get on but once they mold to your body, they’re the only pair you want to wear. On my quest, I found these straight ankle jeans from Levis. I do like the length but the cut, I am still trying to get to love. I feel like they make my bottom look heavier and with the wrongs shoes, short. I actually bought these with the intention of wearing heeled sandals but I wore these boots instead just to give it a try. While I did like the look, I don’t think I’ll be wearing boots with these often. I have a few jeans that I bought at Levis in an attempt to find THE pair, so I’ll be featuring them a bit more on here.

I was going for a super low-key casual outfit (and since it was cold out) I wore this Free People bell sleeve sweater. I actually got this at Marshalls a few months ago on clearance – a steal actually. A coat was a must on this chilly day and so were the boots. The boots – in all my years of blogging, I cannot believe I have never featured these boots here! These are my most comfortable boots, I have worn these to Musical Festival, dinner dates, weekend errands, work etc. Worth every penny I paid some odd years ago.

Outfit Details: Top Here | Jeans Here | Shoes similar here | Coat Here



Plaid Coat + Chunky Turtleneck

Plaid Series continues…

I have to say, limiting myself to only one pattern has been tricky. I foolishly thought this was going to be easy but it has not. This has been an unexpected challenge and I am laughing at myself – because I did this to myself, LOL. I think I am going to do three patterns back-to-back and then take break before I do three more.

This week, I have more coats because the weather has not been very nice. At first, wearing a patterned coat may seem tricky because you may find yourself only wearing specific colors to match the pattern but I promise, its not difficult. The easiest way to pull off a busy pattern is by finding colors that match the dominant color. In this case, the dominant color is green – colors that go well with green are; yellow, gray, mint, blue, pink – yes, pink. This coat had white, black, yellow (very faint) gray and green. Keeping this in mind, I chose to wear different shades of grey, white and black. The coat, simply pulled the look together and I put my hair in bun because the neck on the turtleneck is thick.

Outfit Details: Turtleneck (thrifted) similar here | Jeans Here | Coat Here



Plaid Coat + Calf Hair Boots

Punxsutawney Phil has predicted that there will 6 more weeks of winter, and I. AM. NOT. OK. I am ready for warm days under the sun. The up side is that its only 6 more weeks and that it could be much worse. The one thing that gets me through this winter, is fashion. So, let’s get started.

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to a lunch date. It was a particularly chilly day so I wore this coat to keep warm (from RTR). While the coat did keep my warm – its insulated in the inside – it did make me a look a bit funny on the shoulders. But I am a comfort over fashion type of gal sometimes so I didn’t pay too much attention to the bulkiness. The sweater is from RTR (rent the runway) and I loved the bell sleeves (?) because it gave my outfit that extra oomph. I originally had snake print mules on but switched out last minute to these because it was cold out. I got these from Schultz a few weeks ago at a major discount (I bought three pairs) and they are beautiful. The color is as amazing in person as in the photos. To finish this look, I wore a wool bag I thrifted a few years ago.

Outfit Details: Coat Here | Jeans Here | Sweater Here | Boots Here | Bag Here



Shacket + Leather Pants

Shacket? They were all the rage this winter season – if you haven’t seen the shacket all over social media or at your local shop, let me introduce you to it. It’s a mix between a shirt and a jacket. The beloved plaid shirt was remixed into a cozy oversized jacket and I am here for it. I first saw them at the Gap, browsing for a new pair of denim. However, it retailed around $100+ and there is no way I was paying that much for it. Instead, I got lucky at my local Marshalls (my other favorite retailer) and I got this one for under $40.00. I have worn this shacket all season long, with denim, sweat pants, leggings and leather pants. Its versatile and warm – the perfect winter item.

I’ve worn this for more casual outings but I wanted to elevated it a bit so I wore it my leather pants. This all black ensemble was instantly elevated and turned into a cool girl outfit. I kept warm by adding this thrifted angora fur bucket hat, leather clothes and booties.

AND… The pants, shoes, hat and gloves were all thrifted! – Pants: Elizabeth James – retail price $700, thrifted for $4.00; the hat and gloves $1.99 each and Shoes: Rag and Bone – retail price $595, thrifted for $20.00.

Outfit Details | Shacket, similar here | Leather Pants, similar here | Bucket Hat, similar here | Booties, similar here

Thank you for stopping by,



Winter Whites + Plaid Coat

Happy Monday !

I love wearing bright colors and patterns, a lot. To make things fun (and complicate my life a bit) I am going to start a pattern series. Every two weeks or so, I am going to wear the same pattern and show you how I style said print. I’ll be posting pass and present outfits on IG and the three weekly on here.

This week, I am starting with plain ol’ plaid. There’s nothing plain about plaid but since its winter, I thought I would start with a more traditional seasonal print – because it is winter, I will probably be wearing lots of coats. Full disclosure – I have been renting coats on RTR more than anything else simply because I don’t have a good mix of coats in my closet. Coats aren’t exactly cheap and I don’t have an endless amount of space to store the amount of coats I wish I owned. This is why renting them has been amazing because I get to play around with outfits and try different colors, patterns, styles etc. I had no idea what I was going to wear with this coat but I quickly settled for a winter white look. No white after labor day is the rule, but I’m from Florida where we wear color year round, including white. I like styling my outfits around my coats because truth be told, THEY ARE THE OUTFIT (at least for me). Whenever I wear a coats there is 90% chance its not coming off. This is why I like styling my outfits around the coat I am wearing. I did add the snake boots for a little razzle dazzle, lol.

Outfit Details: Coat Here | Sweater, thrifted, similar here | Pants similar here | Boats here

Hope you all have an amazing week!



Sweater Knit Dress + Yeezy’s

Here’s another casual look – on this chilly casual Friday. Sneakers have been my go-to since the start of the pandemic and I have been reaching more for them lately because of my feet. It appears that as a gift from aging I am having more difficulty with wearing heels all day. If I don’t need to wear, I catch myself shooting for sneakers more often. I had wanted to try a pair of Yeezy’s for a few but I never quite took the plunge because lets face it, I can be cheap LOL and these aren’t exactly affordable. My husband actually got me my first pair and I was hooked since. I now have more pairs than I can care to admit but I find them to be my most comfiest pair of casual shoes.

I know sneakers can be a bit tricky to wear because in our minds, their casual shoes and probably look best with denim/shorts/leggings. However, I love pair sneakers with dresses when possible because its the perfect combination of athleisure. Its the cool way of them wearing anyway but jeans and sneakers will always be a staple.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Outfit Details: Dress, similar here | Shoes here



Thrifting: My favorite items to buy at thrift stores.

Most people go thrift shopping to see what they find – which is very true for me. However, I do have favorite items that I like to buy at thrift stores because they’re the best bargains. I check these sections out before I check anywhere else in the store.


Coats are probably my favorite items to bargain hunt. Coats are very expensive and if you’re like me, I only like to buy thick, warm and cozy wool coats. I live in Charlotte and while it may not be Chicago cold, it’s still cold enough for me. Wool, cashmere, fur, mohair and nylon can call come with a pricey price tag when purchased new but you can get these fabrics at a steal in thrift stores. My all-time favorite winter coat, featured throughout the blog, was purchased at a Goodwill for $8.00 (MaxMara). I would have NEVER been able to find it at that bargain price if purchased new – no matter the sale. The coat was still in excellent condition and all it needed was dry cleaning.


It’s no secret, leather is expensive. Whenever I find boots and/or leather bags in good condition I get super giddy. Of course, if a label is attached to it, then I am SUPER giddy. Most of us love a good label/luxury find and we get it a bargain, its even better. I have found MANY label items but the one item that comes to mind (as of recent) is these Elizabeth James leather pants. I bought these brand news without the tags at my local goodwill for under $5.00. These pants will be with me for many years to come and will last a very long time (if taken well care of).

Tartan Blazer + Leather Pants, featured here


I guess the argument can be made that this could probably fall under the coats category because of its similarity. I did think of including it with the coats section but honestly, I view coats and blazers a bit different. For one, blazers can be worn year round and one could say that for this reason they are more versatile than coats. How ever you view them, blazers are my third favorite find. A good quality blazer will run you in the hundreds, especially when you factor in the fabric, brand and style. In general, blazers are just “fancier” jackets but they can really make you looked polished and pulled together. A very good blazer is a closet staple and it should last you a very long time. When choosing a blazer, stick with a neutral color, a classic design and preferably one that is lined.

What are your favorite thrifted items? Let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Fashion,



Bell Bottom Jeans + Chunky Knit Sweater

Heeeeeeyyyy {insert teeth chattering} ya’ll its been COLD here in Charlotte. It snowed twice in a week and that is almost unheard of. On a normal season, it snows once a season but this week was insane. This is the kind of weather that makes me miss home dearly.

This outfit was definitely not worn this weekend – I was covered in layers of clothing this weekend. I actually wore this a few weeks ago when it was chilly – but not bone chilly. I love a good pair of bell bottoms and I am NEVER giving them up. Say what you will about them but they make this short girl look like a runway model with extra long legs. I have always loved bell bottoms and I am always in search of the perfect pair (actually think I found them). I luckily found these at a thrift store about 2/3 years ago BNWTs and have worn them a handful of times. They are super stretchy and comfy and the bell isn’t too exaggerated. I wear these during the colder months because I can wear them with boots, being 5’4 I can’t really with these without high heels. I was really going for that 70’s look so I paired the jeans with this chunky knit bell sleeve top and finished it with a floppy hat for the full 70’s experience. The top is absolutely gorgeous, it’s Free People and I actually got it a consignment shop a friend of mine took me too. I’ll admit I’m not the consignment shop kinda gal but I was impressed by this shop. I actually plan on another trip soon since this top was 100% the trip.

Outfit Details – Jeans similar here | Top similar here | Shoes similar here | Floppy Hat similar here


Top: Free People

Houndstooth Coat + Converse

The Houndstooth coat again. As mentioned on my previous post, this coat is a rental and since its a rental, I try to wear it as much as possible. As a member I don’t have a deadline of when I have to return my items but I like to keep the items rotating. I really wanted to keep this one but it was simply a bit too big. I do plan on renting it again in my size, so expect to see it again.

I wanted a more relaxed weekend – off duty look. This is a day-to-day outfit that you could typically catch me wearing. I usually reserve heels for work or outings but errands I’m usually in sneakers unless heels aren’t an option (or not in the mood). I was actually really excited about these converse. In high school, I had about 20+ pairs of converse in a variety of colors and designs. In time, I got rid of them and stopped wearing them altogether but since I needed new lifting shoes, I decided to give these a try again. OMG, these are super comfy! It really was a mere coincidence that they happen to go well with the coat so I made an outfit out of it.

Have a nice weekend ya’ll.

Outfit Details: Top Similar here | Jeans here | Coat here | Shoes similar here



Winter Essentials

Every winter season, I either update or upgrade sweaters, shoes, pants etc. However, there are some items I never get rid or replace every season because it’s too worn from the previous season. Keep in mind that winters in North Carolina are very mild in comparison to the North or Northeast. Since our winters are so mild, I don’t necessarily need snow boots but do I need warm sweaters because this Floridian gal isn’t use to cold. Here are my easy peasy winter essential.


I am not a fan of layers and rarely wear scarves so when its really gold out and I need my neck covered, I opt for turtlenecks. If it’s really cold I’ll throw on a scarf but usually a turtleneck is sufficient. I usually opt for a medium thickness top so that I can easily layer underneath sweaters, coats, jackets and blazers. I specifically love wearing them with blazers to work because its the easiest way to look polished. Unfortunately, I have not found a turtleneck that I have been able to keep for more than one season, especially the black ones because of fading and/or overstretching. I try to have 3/5 different colors on hand so that I can rotate with pants and skirts (and even dresses), currently I have one in black, green, burgundy, yellow, and white. I do have a gray chunky knit one but I can’t really layer this one with much because of its thickness and warmth.


This might be kind of obvious but we all need a good pair of boots in the winter. Finding the right pair is the tricky part. For me, it has come down to more than one pair. I try to stick to two different styles and shapes. I tried finding ONE good pair but noticed that because of my height and outfits, one just wasn’t cutting it. I have a pair of trusted Chelsea booties for comfort, knee-high pair to spice up my outfits and a pair of patent leather ankle booties for work. Of course, I have a few pair of boots in different shades and shapes but I find myself reaching for these the most. All of my essential boots are black but I have ventured into different colors and patterns. The key here is to look at your closet and see what color you will be able to match with the items you already own. Additionally, stick with a solid color, avoid a pair that has too many buckles, large zippers and colored zippers/buckles/studs. I also recommend leather/faux-leather over suede and patent leather boots.

Luckily, I don’t need to invest in snow boots !

American Apparel, similar


A warm coat will take you a long way and it should last you a few seasons (years). I was lucky enough to have found a very good coat at Goodwill a few years ago. Its the MaxMara wool coat I’ve pictured here a few times. Every year, no matter how cold it gets, I always reach for this coat. It’s like a wearing a warm blanket to work, the grocery store and dinner. I was very fortunate to have found this coat in such great condition and truth be told, it might be a bit too warm for NC but I don’t care. It keeps me warm every fall/winter season and I can’t get enough of it. The perfect coat should be one that you can wear almost everyday during the colder months and that they can handle the wear and tear.

MaxMara Icon 101801, similar

Black Tights

Stockings, tights, which ever word you use, I need these in black, EVERY winter season. Winter dresses (skirts too) are one of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear during the colder months; especially for work. That is why black tights are a staple in my closet because I have to wear tights underneath my dresses – this serves two purposes, it helps me avoid chaffing and adds an additional layer of clothing to keep warm. Every season I have to replace my tights because of how much these get. They usually get pulled/frayed from my nails, rings and pilling from the boots. I have tried buying warm tights but find that the material doesn’t last long and I find myself replacing them before the season is over.

Wool Pants

Black trousers are a staple in my closet but black wool pants are a must. I probably wear my black wool pants more than any other piece of clothing in my closet when the temps drop. I can wear them with blouses, sweaters, my boots and large coat. They easily help me avoid having to wear multiple articles of clothing while helping me stay warm. I also love how pulled together they can make my work outfits look but also, the versatility to be able to wear them off the clock. I prefer straight leg ankle pants because I can wear them with different shoe styles and height.

Are your winter essentials the same? Let me know in the comments!



Velvet Pants + Tiger Print Blouse

Animal print can definitely be intimidating; especially, non-traditional prints like tiger or zebra stripes. I don’t stray away (get what I did there, LOL) from print, patterns, designs or colors because I love experimenting. Sure, sometimes it can be very hit or miss but the key to any outfit is confidence. Whenever I do wear a loud print, I try to neutralize by wearing a solid color. This usually lets the one loud print stand out without it overpowering me or distracting. That’s what I did with this top today. I knew I wanted the outfit to be office chic so I paired it with these velvet pants. Velvet pants are amazing and if you don’t own a pair, get some. They’re super easy to transition from office to cocktail hour. I did wear the top without an undershirt but if I were using this for work, I would wear a top underneath it.

Today’s outfit is thrifted – except the shoes and sunglasses. The top and pants were both brand new with tags, the duster I got several years ago and the bag was purchased on Poshmark.

For similar outfit items, top here, pants here, duster here, Bag here and shoes here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Houndstooth Jacket + Stripped Sequin Skirt

Happy Friday!

I know I missed Wednesdays post but the day really got by me. Normally, I schedule my posts but I have not been scheduling like I would like too. Honestly, sometimes I’m so burnt out from work, I don’t know what to write about. I think that maybe why I didn’t post on Wednesday. Life can sometimes be hectic and too much.

Today’s look is all about pattern, texture and material mixing. Ya’ll, I have a real obsession with sequin. If I could wear it everyday, everywhere (well, except the gym) I would. I bought this skirt as a treat over 3 three years at Anthropologie – yes, that’s how serious I am about sequin that I paid full price for this skirt. I have also never worn it. Shame. Shame. That’s exactly what motivated me to wear the skirt. Most people think that sequin should only be worn for evening events but that is so not the case. Sequins can elevate any look, day or night. This is the perfect brunch, day date or family event outfit.

The skirt was actually not the item that I planned on wearing originally. The jacket was the piece I intended to wear because its houndstooth and it was for the series. What a better way to transition from houndstooth to the next pattern – by mixing them together. The jacket was purchased from American Apparel Outlet, years ago (college days) and its remained a favorite for years. Its a light jacket that can be worn alone (as a top) or as a jacket. For this outfit, I wore it alone, with no top underneath. The shoes were my birthday present from last year that I cannot get enough of; these are THE most comfortable pair of heels I own. Finally, I pulled this clutch from the archives (remember the plexiglass craze?) for a little razzle dazzle.

Outfit Details: Skirt, similar Here | Jacket, similar Here | Shoes Here | Clutch, Here


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